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Asus ROG AMD Advantage 513QY BIOS 320

Hi, one quick question, had everyone tried this BIOS? Is there any new insight of what new features it brings besides the generic Performance improvements? Cause I had to downgrande from 318 to 316 as the 318 capped the fan RPMs by a lot, so it made ...

WHEA errors with PCI-E NPM enabled z690

Is there any update on the WHEA errors with PCI-E NPM enabled? Will there be a combination of firmware and drivers that fix this? Does this happen on z790? I'm just curious if it is being worked on or is turning off NPM considered the permanent solut...

Schug by Level 7
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Z690 Hero code 32 after bios update

PC booted fine before bios update. I updated to 2103 then got code 32 then I used flashback to go to 2004 still code 32 no post I have tried with video card installed tried with video card out and hdim in on mobo still no post and code 32I tried with...

Crosshair VIII Dark Hero - Randomly hardlocks

Hello,I own two Crosshair Dark Hero boards (and a Strix X570-e that has never let me down) and both have the same two issues.The issues being random hardlocking (requires powercycling the PSU for the system to get back up), which happened more freque...

ASUS STRIX Z690 WFI D4 - Does not boot M2 NVME SSD

Greetings! When using my computer wihout a dedicated GPU instead using the 12700k Intel UHD 770 Graphics it doesnt boot. In BIOS my drives are detected ie Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB, Seagate HDD 2TB and Seagate HDD 500GB but cant change the boot priori...

X670E HERO Possible GPU Issue

I'm coming from a Z490 MSI Motherboard that I used an EVGA 3080 TI FTW3 without issue. I've been having some random crashing lately since changing over. I verified memory is good via memtest. Ran SFC, uninstalled re-installed the NVIDIA driver and al...

STRIX 4090 - No video during POST

Hello, *I have a z690 Apex/12900k and an Asus Strix 4090 OC GPU, all powered by a Corsair AX1600i This issue doesn’t happen with my 3090ti or 3090 Strix but only with 4090 Strix. When I turn on the computer from shutdown, no video shows during POS...

sinmurv by Level 7
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Bug in B660 bios cpu voltage offset

Hi. I made several tickets on Asus support but there is no way to make them understand the problem.There is a bug on b660 bios, on all b660 boards. And all 600 series. On z690 is less visible cause there is adaptive voltage, which most people use. On...

trihy by Level 9
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[STRIX B450-F] FTPM disabled, Still getting stutters

Hi, after the latest BIOS update (4901), whenever I play a game, I randomly get a stutter (like this one: While the latest update claims to fix the stuttering problem, it seems to have made it worse since...

Esskay by Level 7
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