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ROG x570 Extreme USB Charging?

Greetings, so i own a ROG x570 extreme, and i recentely found out that thunderbolt 4 can charge up to 100w.Therefore i bought a usb -c to usb -c cable that is qualified as Quick charge 3.0 15W. (NOT a thunderbolt cable)i can only see on my device cha...

C41N1906-1 Battery.

I believe the battery on my FA506QR is on its way out, I'd like to get another only finding a genuine part at a reasonable price seems a little stretched. There are batteries ranging from £65 all the way to £150, which is pretty extortionate.Where ca...

Rog strix z690-e gaming wifi q-code 53

Hi,I start the pc, it stops at q-code 53 (yellow led),For a month everything worked fine, yesterday I have this problem.I tested only one memory bank, same problem as q-code 53.I tested the other memory bank, q-code 53.The problem has arisen since I ...

Panell by Level 7
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ROG Strix Gaming Wifi E +13700K WHEA Errors Event ID 20

Hi all,I've been struggling with an increasing number of WHEA Event ID 20 errors on this new build. Completely stock (no OC). I've tested the ram and stress tested CPU and everything is stable for the past couple days, but I can't understand what the...

All Suite 3 problème sur Windows 11 version 22h2

Bonjour,Je me retrouve avec un problème avec le logiciel All Suite 3 sur Windows 11 22h2, la version 21h2 aucun soucis!Lorsque j'essaie d'installer All Suite 3, le programme plante avec comme message "Can ’t open AsIO.sys", il s'agit d'un problème de...

Claymore II Keys not working

ASUS ROG CLAYMORE II (RED) MECHANICAL KEYBOARD KEYS not workingif you type "QWERTYUIOP, ASDFGHJKL;" it will not work. but if you type "QA WS ED RF TG YH" it registers the key.Any links where we can buy the battery for this?did anyone manage to fix th...

LoDA by Level 7
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GT-AXE16000 died

My AXE16000 has failed, one of the 2 5g radios and the 2.4 radio are dead. I still have the 6g and other 5g working. I need this to keep my security cameras working for my apt bldg. Does anyone know if ASUS will cross ship like MSI and others wil for...

wingdam by Level 7
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