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Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 laptop OS crashing after update

Hi, I was wondering if some one else has encountered same issue as mine, after downloading windows 11 update my OS crashes, laptop won't boot windows, windows can not fix the issue so I have to recover a previouse windows 11 image, this happens about...

ROG First(Smart Router) Not Working

Hello, with my Maximus XI Extreme, I was easily able to use GameFirst and setup GameFirst/Smart Router (level 2 layer) with my AX11000.Since I switched over to my Maximus XII Extreme (new windows 2004 install), I am no longer able to use the ROG Firs...

Z 690 Hero - Ploymo lighting and usb error issue

hi there, my board got ploymo lighting issue since months lately.when rog letter apear if i chose red the G was like gone, another color also have an issue alsowhen hero logo apear at the bottom right corner the light like gone.also usb sometimes sho...

Armory crate and aura sync

Hi all, I have noticed when syncing my device lighting in armory crate that there are speed settings with most effects but not colour cycle, does anyone know a workaround to change the speed of the colour cycling?Cheers

Strix RTX 3080 Fan vibration issues and scratches on LED bar

There is already a Thread about this issue but for the Asus RTX 3090 ROG STRIX. Blake asked me to create a new one for the 3080.I own a RTX 3080 ROG STRIX and have exactly the same issues as described in the other Thread, many other do have the same ...

Vader666 by Level 7
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Laptop GX703HS KF075T - Sleep Mode Issues

Hi All,So I recently purchased a GX703HS KF075TFrom what I can gather I think there's still some issues surrounding the sleep modealthough I'm optimistic that this will be sorted out / fixed in a future driver updateIt looks as if the GX703HS Device ...

Upgraded Computer and One SSD stopped working.

Hello. I recently got a new Chassi from a contest and decided it was time to upgrade my computer at the same time. So I bought an Upgrade Package with an:Asus z790 HeroIntel i9-13900KCorsair 32GB DDR5 5600MzhWD Black SN850XRight now I have OS install...

Wowerus by Level 7
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Asus Z790 APEX and Two NVME SSDs

Dear all,On the new Z790 APEX can I skip the Dimm.2 card and place two nvme ssds on the board directly without loosing the x16 on the VGA?The manual only mentions "When the PCIE 5.0 M.2 card is installed on the PCIEX16(G5)_2, PCIEX16(G5)_1 will run x...

PCIe Native power Management power causing WHEA Errors Z790 HERO

I know there is a thread with another person having same issue on the rog forums but I feel it should be brought up in here since it would be helpful to get more information on this There is an issue on the Z790 Hero that when you leave PCIe Native P...

USERMAC by Level 7
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TUF VS ROG laptops.

This one has been a head scratcher for me for some time now.What is the actual difference between the two line ups?I mean marketing jargon to be believed somehow the TUF models should survive everywhere much better than a ROG and last longer, you kno...