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Thunderbolt No Longer Working on B550 Pro-Art Creator

Hello all,I have spotted some others with a similar issue after a BIOS update where their Thunderbolt no longer works. I have now tried rolling back to previous drivers without any luck. A reinstall of all drivers and Windows does not yield any res...

Z790 Hero QCODE 53 NO BOOT ?

For some reason I am getting QCODE 53 and cannot boot into windows or load into the bios. It does not do this all the time, but it is frequent, and it usually happens when I restart the computer.I have tested the memory and it passes. I have used thi...

USERMAC by Level 9
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Crosshair hero viii wifi startup issue

So, it seems that after a shutdown or sleep my mb can't startup. I have to turn off the PSU until all mb leds are off and then turn it back on to get a post.When this issue happens, the start button led doesn't turn off after shutdown, even in stealt...

Asus dark hero startup issue ?

Hi allI have a Asus Crosshair VIII DarkHhero ...with an AMD 5900X , 32gb of Gskils ramHad a few times over last few months since recieving board where the system wont power on.You press power switch on case and nothing .You press power button on moth...

4 DIMMs in ROG Maximus z790 Hero - no XMP

The specs say that 4 DIMMS and up to 128 GB of RAM are a supported configuration on the ROG Maximus z790 Hero. The manual clearly shows that installing 4 DIMMs is allowed. I read it before I bought the motherboard.I have purchased 4 DIMMS from the Qu...

pc reset him self

HelloFor a few months I have a problem and I can't put my finger on the issue.My pc is reset him self. Yes I know it can happen if some hardware is hot. So I tell you what I already did:1. Change PSU - didn't help2. Change GPU - didn't help3.Change C...

Request for Recent AGESA version in GA35DX Bios

Hello,For all(70+) Asus X370/X470/X570 DIY mainboard a Bios with recent AGESA Version has been released . The GA35DX is left on a old AGESA version Can you ask internal ASUS to update the GA35DX Bios as well? These systems are expan...

Big PC Freezing issues with my z790 e gaming wifi

Hello,I have a Big Problem with my asus z790 e gaming wifi, is my computer specs:windows 10 64 bit homeintel i9 13900k Processorz790 e gaming wifi motherboardkingston fury beast 6000mhz 2x 16 gb ramrtx msi 4090 x gaming triodark power pro ...

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yk7777 by Level 8
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