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Replacement USB dongle for ROG GLADIUS III MODEL P706

Hi! I was wondering if I can get a replacement USB dongle for my ROG Gladius III. I am definitely willing to pay. Up to now I have been using bluetooth to connect, but there was a firmware update that requires the USB dongle, and I haven't been able ...

AXE16000 Error Log with NFTS Kernal

I receive this error pattern nonstop all day long. It goes on and on forever with this same set of lines and repeats.How can this be fixed so it doesn't do this anymore it's the only error message I have everything else is working great.Feb 25 09:22:...

4090 TUF - Using both HDMI's not working on boot/restart

My setup is this: LG C2 for main monitor via HDMI, LG C1 for couch gaming connected via HDMI. Then a 3rd monitor connected via DP. The sole purpose of buying this gpu is that is has two HDMI ports. Here is my problem. I have my main monitor (LG C2) c...

chad711 by Level 7
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A-Volute SS3 & Riot Vanguard (Valorant)

Hey There, Since last week Vanguard anti cheat, flags A-Volute SS3 and i cant launch the game.Asus Board b550i - Windows 11 latest build.Posting this for visibility, maybe some mod will see this and forward it to Asus.Cheers!

G15 Advantage Edition (G513QY) WIFI problems MediaTek MT7921

I just bought this laptop today, and really love it, but the WI-FI problems is really bad.Sometimes it will run at speeds like 250-300 mbps, but not very often, and then drop to 100mbps or even lower like 8-10 mbps.It also gives really high latency s...

CRJ84 by Level 9
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Asus support please respond? Issue w/ last 3 bios versions

I have an 11900K / Maximus 13 Hero & this issue has persisted through several bios versions! I use Adaptive OC method for all overclockingIf anyone from Asus sees this please respond, Im curious if you are aware of this issue. Last night I flashed fr...

sdmf74 by Level 11
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