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Strix GL704GM Performance issues

Hello,I've had an Asus Strix GL704GM for 4 years and I'm currently experiencing performance issues.From what I understand, the computer uses the Armoury Crate software to control the CPU and GPU usage as well as the cooling system. There are 3 settin...

Erakos by Level 7
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Scratched RGB Panel On ROG Z11

Initially I thought it was debris of some kind, but after close examination, I'm certain this is a scratch which was done in the factory because the scratch is internal. So is something like this covered by warranty or do I have to return the whole c...


Asus Rog Z790 hero problem XMP ram 7200 corsair

Hi I can't set the ram at a speed of 7200 if active from the bios xmp sets them to 7200 but it keeps restarting and then going back to the bios how can this be done?currently the ram from windows i see speed 4800Corsair Vengeance RGB, DDR5-7200, CL34...

Asus rog theta 7.1 noise problem

Hello, I just installed an Asus Rog Theta 7.1. I use Armory Crate with last drivers. I have a problem with small crackling sounds in my ears, small "tic" that appear only when I start or stop playing a sound with voices (for example on Discord when s...

Asus Z790 Hero Cant control fan speed via Fanxpert4

Hi, i just buy asus z790 heroafter install windows and armoury crate i want to try setting my chassis fan speedbut it cannot, the fan like run full speed and make a wind noisealso ai cooling not availabe as an option.when i use z690 hero i can change...

G14 10 hours battery life, really? I get 2:40 hrs...

Hi,I tried every tweak out there and i still get only 2:40hrs with a discharge rate of 25ish.Can anyone tell me if they really do get more than 2:40hrs and how did you achieved this?Or, is my battery life normal for the first gen G14?NVDIA GTX 1660.T...

ramy3 by Level 7
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Can't Control Fans with Ryujin II Fan Hub

Just installed the Ryujin II 240 in my desktop, and I connected all of my case fans to the Fan/ARGB hub that came with it. But opening AI Suite and Armoury Crate, I can't control the fans, they seem to not show up. Are there drivers I need to downloa...

Beeps and Q Led issues

I have recently built a new computer and after setting up have had some issues.First off on start up it will make one long beep followed by three quick beeps and the reset light is flashing at 2 second intervals. The computers fine it starts up and r...

How do you get the PSU to show up in Aura Sync?

I just noticed my PSU hasn't had RGB since I got it, I thought it was cause I run it in stealth but it's not showing up in Aura Sync but everything else is. It's the*ROG-LOKI-1000P-SFX-L that says it supports RGB on the box..... I've had endless issu...

Z690 Hero can't USB boot from some ports

Here's an interesting problem.I have a Toshiba USB 2.0 flash drive configured for UEFI boot.Hardware ID: USB\VID_0930&PID_1400This drive does not appear in the boot options if it's pl...

BobVul by Level 8
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