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Help > XG Station 2 questions

I'm looking to purchase a XG Station 2 dock to go with my aging G752VT laptop. I have two questions if someone could help answer:1. What is the true max size GPU card that I can put in the dock? Will the massive "MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming X...

ASUS TUF DTX Headphone:X v1 not working

I purchased Asus TUF FX 504GM last week.DTS was working fine till today but somehow, windows updated realtek drivers and also updated DTS Headphone app to old DTS Headphone was of this my DTX is now working. It open scree...

kadon by Level 7
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Strix G712LWS fast boot problem

Hi ROG community,2.5 weeks ago I got a brand new STRIX G712LWS laptop which is now giving me BSOD when is try to boot in Windows. The error given is KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR.below are details and history of this device and how I got into this problem...

seaces by Level 7
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How to get my ROG G551JW Keyboard lights to come on & stay on?

I can not get my keyboard backlights to come on at all. I’ve tried the Fun + F3 & F4 buttons & nothing works. I reinstalled my OS when I moved my Asus ROG from a 1TB HDD to a 250GB SSD. I did this 4-5 months ago. At work, I always left it plugged int...

Asus Tuf vg27aq Minimizing some games

My Asus Tuf vg27aq Minimizing some games on launch and won't maximize. The screen goes black and seems to reset and then minimize the game. The problem started with elite dangerous and now it has spread to skater XL (which used to work ).Using the ...

Are 5 watts really going to damage my Asus laptop?

Hi everyone!I have an Asus laptop that can be charged via USB-C PD. The manual says that:and says this:I also have a power bank that I would like to use to charge the laptop just 1 or 2 times a month. Maybe less. This is the output information of sai...

FX705GE Crash on heavy load

Hi,I have recently bought second hand a FX705GE, it turns out to have an issue where when a heavy load is placed on CPU/GPU and it is plugged in, it outright crashes with temps about 94°c and cpu at 3.8GHz.Have tried resetting the machine, cleared bi...

SBAPKat by Level 7
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Zephyrus M - GPU Unuseable

I've had a ROG Zephyrus M GM501 for nearly a year now and had it crunching Folding at Home data to save us all from coronavirus!I then came to use it one day and realised it was showing a blue screen error - I forget exactly what the original one wa...