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Strix Z490-A

I have always used a physical drive bay fan controller to control radiator fans. With my new Strix Z490-A build, I wanted to use Q-Fan on mobo to control fan speed. I have 2X 360 radiators, so there are 6 fans to control. I already had fans from prev...


I am building a new system with ROG STRIX Z490-G GAMING (WI-FI) and the system will not post. DRAM q-LED stays lit. I bought 2 different types of dram based on the motherboard memory guide. Originally had two stick in A2 and B2 slots, but I have remo...

X570-f | STRIX HELIOS | Front Panel Wont Light Up

Is the front panel won't lights up if there's no gpu installed yet on my pc? I haven't got the gpu because im still waiting for the stocks. All the front panel cables are plugged in except for the one usb 3.0 because there is no more slot. I also tri...

ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F and Sonic Studio 3

So I just got this motherboard and everything is fine and well... Except for this piece of software. You see, one of the features I liked from the mobo was the superior sound and the idea to have such audio enhancements without having to install mods...

PCIe Gen 4 causes USB problems on B550/X570

I have been having issues when I upgraded to 3080 last week and could not pinpoint what exactly until I found the following thread on reddit: have the 570X ROG H...

Funtik by Level 7
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ROG Phone 3 network issues *only* with Google Maps

As something of a trial run, I upgraded my mom to a ROG Phone 3 (512/16, USA model) last month. (Her previous phone was having issues charging; mine is still OK.)Over these last several weeks, both of us have noticed that Google Maps often stops load...

Strix B460I no drivers or bios on website for 2 weeks

I built my daughter a little gaming rig for Christmas and asus does not have working link for bios, drivers and software for ROG Strix B460I motherboard. It has been down 2 weeks and would like to get daughters computer finished. I thought Asus was ...

ROG 7.1 Centurion (can't be recognized)

What to do i had to re-installed Win10, but it still doesn't recognize Centurion audio station ?I remember that i updated to latest AMD graphics driver beta version and after reboot lights went out from audio station so i installed newest chipset dri...

Markz by Level 7
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PG35VQ Seems Dim After Waking from Sleep

When I wake up my computer from sleep with my PG35VQ attached, many times it seems as if some applications (FireFox for one) are darker than they should be. For example visiting a white website appears a shade of gray. Some apps like Discord and Win...

Brack by Level 7
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