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Bench testing a Strix B450-f - turning it on

I don't know if this is just how things work, or if it's unusual. With other motherboards, when I have bench tested them to make sure that everything is set up fight, before I install them into my case, I just connect the two power pins, and the MB ...

Sonic Studio III Effects Not Working Again

Hi everyone. I've Rog Strix B450-F Gaming. I'm using Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (19042.746) I started broadcasting on Twitch. I installed the Twitch Soundtrack beta app and Sonic Studio III effects stopped working. When I uninstalled the Soundtrack App a...

how many PCIe lanes does an RTX 2080Ti need?

How does a graphics card, particularly the RTX 2080Ti, utilise PCIe lanes?I want to buy a PCIe SSD with a x8 connection that I wish to use in my build, though my CPU (8700K) only supports 16 PCIe lanes.I know if I put in the SSD, the gpu will go from...

Miliano by Level 9
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So I've had my X470-F for over a year now and it's been working flawlessly, I've kept the bios and drivers up to date, etc.However, I just went to add a second, internal drive to the computer and now it stubbornly refuses to POST, work, etc. when th...

Strix Z370-G Gaming Sound Issue

Evening folks,I have the above motherboard and have a sound issue.On the rear panel I have my soundbar plugged into the green output.Front has my headset plugged into the green with the headset mic plugged into the pink.My issue is I am getting a lot...

Strix 3090 Power draw and fan issues

Hi,I just got a Strix 3090 and i am having some problems with the 0db fan function.I would like to mention that my card came with the latest version of the Vbios since when i want to update it, it says that my card already has the latest Vbios on it....

Possible problem with rog b450-f gaming or BIOS

When I start my pc windows do not pass loading screen or repair screen." Just clear cmos" it won't reset BIOS when I try to reset it and turn on pc again send me to American trends logo screen and when I go to BIOS it is the same version Videos and p...

Bugadao by Level 7
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3080 TUF with (Bios)error (Biosswitch / Fanstop)

Hello,I am from germany, I'm sorry for my bad english!I bought a Asus RTX3080 TUF on Releaseday. From beginning the card has two little problems:1.) If I switch from performance Bios to Silent Bios there is no change at the fans. Same RPM at same tem...

tStorm86 by Level 7
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