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AX11000 wifi latency

Level 7
Hello there,

I wonder how high/low other people's Latency is in games like Warzone. At the moment I can only find matches in the 50-60 latency area.
I got a 1000/1000 fiber optic connection.

Is a latency in my range fine, or should it be lower?

My router and computer is in the same room, like 5 meters from each others.

Hi Xeonide

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Run an internet speed test and check the ping.

I haven't played Warzone but it could be their servers.

If you want to shave off around 10ms (average) of possibly quite jittery latency, use Ethernet between your computer and the router. Run a cat 6 cable around the perimeter of the room, max length is 100m and you can easily find 5m, 10m, 20m cables. Wi-fi is great, particularly 802.11ac and 802.11ax, but it always has significantly more latency and jitter than Ethernet. 2.5G Ethernet is around 0.5ms latency; and it's extremely stable, very low jitter. It's not practical to use a cable in all cases, but really worth doing it if your room and setup allows it and things are not moving around frequently.

Most of your latency will likely be coming from the connection to your ISP, the Internet, and the game server; but there's the potential to shave off around 10ms and reduce jitter at quite a low cost. You can use ping to measure the latency and jitter between your computer and router, just ping the router's LAN IP address, e.g.
ping -n 10