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AX11000 2.5G Port getting disconnected

Level 7
Hi! So i have 2 AX11000 in AiMesh mode, i have the node connected by ethernet backhaul to the main one using the 2.5G port, because i have dual wan (2 ISP´s) in balance mode (1000 mbps + 600 mbps) so triying to get the most out of it via wireless, but the node gets disconnections a couple times a week and i need to reboot the system (main router) from app or web GUI to get the node running again... Rn using a regular 1Gbps port i havn't had any disconnection, so im sure the problem is whe using 2.5G port backhaul. Any ideas how to fix this? What to check? I did factory reset both routers to see if that helped but no luck, also i don't have any special config besides the dual wan. It's like the 2.5G port is not stable enough to keep working... I saw another thread in another forum about similar problems with the 2.5G port...

Level 9
Hi there,
May you help to follow below FAQ to set up dual WAN again?
Thank you.