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Aweful RMA experience and I feel foolish for purchasing additional products.

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Last summer I RMA'd a Maximus VII Formula due to infrequent Q codes. Before RMAing I did extensive troubleshooting swapping out parts, trying out different BIOS versions, etc. When the RMA was complete it only had taken a single day in the repair center and the tech notes were "Customer not running latest BIOS, updated". That was despite me leaving a detailed note taped to the motherboard explaining my troubleshooting steps which included every BIOS version from the latest to several versions prior. With the problem being intermittent I wanted to get the point across to please do thorough checks. Naturally about the 4th day of using the motherboard after receiving it back it refused to boot 2-3 times due to hanging up on random Q codes once again. Maybe that was my fault and I should have flashed back to the latest.

At the advice of a higher tier support rep, I began recording every Q-Code along with the date and time so to build up a large enough sample size to illustrate the issue before re-RMAing the board again. Admittedly I pushed the issue a bit too close to the warranty expiration and despite starting the claim before the warranty expired approval came a few days after so I was informed it was out of warranty and would be charged. I tried to dispute this since the original in warranty RMA should have corrected the issue and after a long bit of communication back and forth I finally was approved for an in warranty repair thanks to CL-Albert pointing me in the right direction.

Now I will admit I had a major shipping SNAFU. When shipping I did not verify the UPS clerk had used the correct address. I was re-using a box that my Corsair order shipped in and even though I handed the UPS clerk the sheet with the Asus repair center address and saw her typing what I assumed was the address, she used Corsair's from the box label which I should have marked through. That did cause a delay but I was able to rectify it thanks to great communication from Corsair and their assistance in me getting them a shipping label to forward to Asus. That mistake is on me but it really only added an additional week or so to the process and I maintained back-n-forth communication regarding this mistake with the rep who authorized the warranty repair.

So tonight I receive an email from Asus stating: "Your RMA has been returned unrepaired. We have attempted to contact you via email and did not receive a response or payment within the allotted time specified in the notice" I scoured back through my emails trying to see if I'd some how missed any previous communication. I even checked other inbox, junk and deleted. Nothing from Asus except my previous correspondence and RMA from the past. Had I noticed any request for payment I would have forwarded that to the Asus rep.

So I guess I'm down for what likely is for good. Part of this is my fault but if I have to ship the board back yet again I'll have invested more money into shipping than I would have just purchasing a used one off Ebay. I'm in the process of a new build and was looking forward to reassembling my Z97 system so I wouldn't feel rushed to complete since I'd have a working system. The sad part is I chose to go with Asus again with the Maximus X Formula. That was despite me having a bad RMA experience years ago on an older Rampage, bad RMA experience on a brand new G75OC edition and bad RMA on a brand new PG34 that arrived with a broken LED cover.

Contact details have to be correct since I got the email stating they are returning the product
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I'd be asking for proof they tried to contact you. Also, check the contact details are correct.
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Mike, Bill@ASUS may be by to help but since Albert is already familiar you should send him a PM:

PM with any of the following details available

Product S/N:
Case ID#:

Also contact details:
Full name:
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