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Asus Z790-A Wifi microphone SO low

Level 7

Windows 11 and last BIOS.

The microphone is so low, the windows test barely detects sound imput. On discord people don't hear me.

At first, i tried the audio driver from oficial page >
Now i have the drivers of MoKiChU thread:, PRIME DTSX Ultra

But the sound imput is still very low, no difference between the two drivers. I also tried turn up the mic amplification +20 and stil not working.

What can i do ? I am thinking of returning the product and buy another.

Any idea ?


Level 7
Wow great help asus oficial forum.

Guys, dont buy this **** of product with no support.

Since this is a user forum, most folks hang out on the forum for their device or motherboard.

What type of Microphone is it? Model numbers may help us find information. I don't have your exact mother board, but really close.
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel AX411

Sorry for the late reply, do you connect the front panel microphone or the rear microphone?
Could you please help to test the driver of WHQL version.
Also try a different microphone setup if you can. and tweaking the sound settings in Discord