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ASUS X570-E TPM module not recognized?

Level 7
I just installed a ASUS TPM-SPI 14-1 pin on the motherboard. But it still not been regonized in Win 10 in tpm.msc.
What do I need to do in BIOS settings to make it to work?

I have set to Discrete TPM.
Disabled CSM.
Enabled Windows UEFI.
But there are no advanced\Trusted Computing in BIOS settings?

! thing haven't done is the keys that was there the first day I installed the motherboard.

Anyone have a clue how activate the TPM module?
Also Im talking about discrete TPM and not firmware TPM. Which I know how to enable it.


Level 7
Had the same issue. Got ROG Strix X570-F Gaming, was doing a clean reinstall with CPU upgrade from 3800 to 5800. Updated bios to 4002 and installed this little bugger asus tpm-spi for a future win11 upgrade. So, it was not detecting at all after multiple bios reflash, CMOS clearing and battery swapping. But I got it detected by the following way, which is not safe, so you should not do it. This is clearly a bug that bios does not detect the module after cold plug-in.

So, what I did. With BIOS running, unplug tpm-spi module, then plug it back. All this with PC running with BIOS on the screen. Then click reset in the bios menu. After that it reset not once but two times, there were two sounds of successful POST within 20 seconds. After that I got a new option in the advanced section - trusted computing. After that PC boots always normally with module being always detected. But I did not try to clear CMOS, may be CMOS clearing will make the module undetectable again.

I read your thread here:

For me win10 saw the TPM 2.0 module right away after it was detected in bios. But I also have two secure devices in the device manager:
-AMD PSP 11.0 Device
-Trusted Platform Module 2.0.

But the first one does not cause any problems. As I understood from your thread at toms you had to disable the first one.

I think that due to this bug any CMOS clearing or bios reflash may remove the tpm module from the bios and cause win11 not to load... so you need to hot-unplug-then-plug it every time.

I'd appreciate if somebody would give me a link where I can make a ticket for asus support, may be they will fix it by the time win11 upgrade arrives to win10.

Customer Service Agent
Hi Nkt99
Good day.
May I know which purpose you want to enable TPM? For Windows 11 installation or other use.
What's you BIOS version?

Please confirm below path in you model or not
Manual Activation Instructions:

Press "Del" when the ASUS or ROG logo appears to enter the BIOS.

Go to the Advanced\PCH-FW Configuration page and click “Enable” on the "PTT” drop-down menu

Once you attempt to make the change in the BIOS, a notification box will appear (see below). First click the OK button, then press F10 to save your changes and reboot your PC.

In this case try enabling the TPM on the BIOS, follow the steps to do so:
• Here you need to get into BIOS by pressing the F2 or Del key continuously when the PC boots
• Once you get into BIOS, then click on the Advanced/Security section
• Search for the TPM feature then click on the Enable icon
Hope enabling the TPM on BIOS may work for you, but if still facing the error then check out other fixes to solve the TPM device not detected a problem.