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Asus uk store selling extended warranty with picture saying covers accidental damage

Level 7
Hello friends hope you all safe well,couple of months ago i bought extended warranty for my ASUS UX SERIES laptop, while purchasing in the uk asus store,under the extended warranty there was an image similar like the photo attached here( not able to find the exact picture now, because not their uk website is renewed) in that picture it said it covers accidental and water damage.

Recently my laptop screen is cracked so i sent it for repair ,they are refusing to repair saying i purchased only extended warranty. For sure i saw that image while i purchasing, (for sure not the USA website because the prices are displayed in in pounds) becuase the website is changed now i can't prove it!

Is anybody else experienced same issue ?

thank youImage

Level 10
Hello Surya,
Seems like you have been in contact with our service team through varies channel.
We are sorry that we do not have accidental damage protection in the warranty package we sold in UK.
Thank you.

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