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ASUS triple monitor issues. (Nvidia)

Level 7
BACKGROUND : I recently purchased my third monitor. I had two nice 27 inch 1440p Asus PG278QR monitors. I purchased a Asus PG27UQ to add as a central monitor because of its high contrast ratios and ability to go 4k if I wanted. I figured I could use that for some tasks or games at a higher resolution, or switch to 3 monitor surround at 1440p for other ones.

PROBLEM : After getting them set up and mounted, I've discovered that the PG27UQ does not register having a 1440p capability for NVIDIA SURROUND.
PROBLEM : Starting programs, or alt tabbing from Full Screen games in the center PG27UQ causes instability. When starting a program, the monitors go black and seem to be working for 10+ seconds, before cutting back. This cuts out all sound input and output.

Specifically to NVIDIA SURROUND. The PG27UQ does not register as having a 1440 or 1080p capability, so when I put 1x3, it offers me some 3000 by 700 resolution, and really they just blink all over the place and freak out.

My details : I'm using an EVGA RTX3080 and have fresh drivers all set up. I prepped by setting all 3 monitors to 1440p and 120mhz so they matched in windows. If I start a game, it might go 4k on the center monitor.

I've totally wiped drivers and reinstalled in order to make everything stable after messing with different settings. Am I bound to have stability issues, and an inability to use multimonitor NVIDIA SURROUND? Anyone have a pocket full of sunshine for me?

Feeling a little hopeless.

Level 9
Hi there,
So the original 2 PG278QR are fine with 1440p NVIDIA SURROUND?
And PG27UQ can have 1440p or 1080p when not using NVIDIA SURROUND?
May you share a video of the issue? like how you set it up and how does the PG27UQ react.

If you set the PG27UQ resolution to 2560x1440, same as PG278QR,then set up Nvidia Surround.
Does the resolution become 7680x1440?

Thank you.