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ASUS Strix Z370-G Wi-fi AC BIOS clock time is hours ahead

Level 7
Hi everyone, and everywhere.

I am having a annoyng issue related to BIOS clock time from my ASUS Z370-G Wi-Fi AC PC motherboard: the clock is about 2/3 hours ahead current (and correct) date time.

The motherboard BIOS has undergone several upgrades to date: about 3 or 4 times, at todays current version 2801 (from 2021/03/11). I have already changed the CMOS battery, thinking this could solve, but not.

At each event of power disconnection, the system hour advances in time, about 2-3 hours (always on time, not any other information - such as day, year, month, minutes).

It is a very often event, very annoyng by signal, practically every time PC power on/off.

There is something can I do here?

Someone can help about it?

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent
Hi TheSarge8,

If you have adjusted the time and changed the CMOS battery, it seems it is hardware related.
Please send the motherboard to our service center for further examination.
Please visit our official website for contact info of our local service center.
Thank you.