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asus Strix 3090 OC + i9 9900k + Maximus 11 MOBO

Level 7
Hi all,

Need some help to figure out whats going On. Hardware is:

Asus Strix 3090 OC
i9 9900k
Maximus XI Extreme Mobo
32 GB (4x8GB) DDR 4 - 4000 G Skill trident royal memory
Samsung 980 Pro 512 gb
1200 Thermaltake PSU

I have the above mentioned hardware that has been and continues to run fine with no stability issues on stock settings. When I stress the system out by playing lets say cyberpunk, I get game crashes pretty often or at it will even reboot my machine. This happens on the stock cpu and card settings with No oc'ing.

I ran gpu z while running the Heaven benchmark and got the attached Excel sheet saved as a PDF...

The numbers all look good to me. but the last line was right before my computer rebooted itself.

This will happen randomly only when playing cyber punk or now in heaven as well.

BY looking at this data, is there anything anyone can tell me?

Level 7
I have also seen heavy stuttering for a few seconds in the last few days for a few seconds. its not often, but has happened 2-3 times in a day.

Level 12
Hi masterww,
Does it also occur on bios 2004 with bios all default settings?
Did it happen since first build or after any settings or components changed?
Have you tried reinstall OS and only install cyber punk or gpu z?
Thank you.

Level 8

@ Rocket Scientist

That is something I thought i would not have to worry about, but the amount of voltage limits it hits could be exactly that. trying my testing now

So a quick update. It has not crashed once and the wild fluctuations in voltage seems to have mostly resolved for now! This is all on stock settings with the 3090.

Also the GPU voltage amount has not cracked 1 V during the gaming session, so a few more hours will tell me if all is good now!

Also Resizable bar is enabled as well.

Level 7
Thank you for the help @STARRAIN@ROG

I was on bios 1502! and am now on 2004. Will start my tests now with Heaven and on cyberpunk and report back.

It has been happening wit the 3090 on cyberpunk since i started playing that game. the card was purchased in July this year, so its not been that long. I assumed cyberpunk was just stressing it out a lot!

I have not tried to do a reinstall, but let me do my testing first and see how it goes.

BTW i now have resizable bar with my 9900 and this mobo and gpu! hope it does something!

Level 7
So, it worked great. Very Very stable now! I just had a crash, but i was pushing the OC numbers a bit much and it hit a clock speed for the GPU of 2115.. a bit to high i think. It caused voltage issues like before.

Thank you for your help STARRAIN@ROG! That really seemed to do the trick. Im going to add that EZ Plug power to the mobo as well for the hell of it.

Level 12
Hi masterww,
We're glad to hear the good news : )