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Asus Rog Thor 1200w PSU Sparked and smoked on first start up

Level 7
Let me start by saying this is my first time building a Gaming pc. I might have had the 0 db fan turned on and I also had 4 SATA attachments on one loom from the PSU which were CPU pump, USB hub, HDD, and fan controller. after the spark and smell of smoke i immediatly turned everything off and killled to the power to the psu. Later i ran an extra sata cable to just the cpu pump and another to my hdd, usb hub, and razer pwm fan controller. i reconnected my psu and all the wires again and everything worked fine the psu was never using more than 250 watts the whole time i couldnt put it underload by running a game becasuse my internet was in another room and i was scared of it catching on fire. after researching why the psu would spark and smoke i realized i shoud return it ad get a replacemnt. that replacement arrives today, what can i do to ensure it will not spark again and destroy the other components of my pc?

Thank you

Make sure you use the new cables that come with the replacement PSU (if you kept any of the old ones. That should ensure that if it was a faulty cable you won't be impacted. Otherwise, if it's another component causing the problem you won't really know until you attempt to power things up again.

Obviously double check cables are connected correctly and don't force a plug that doesn't fit (that's often a sign it doesn't go there).
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