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Asus rog theta 7.1 noise problem

Level 8
Hello, I just installed an Asus Rog Theta 7.1. I use Armory Crate with last drivers. I have a problem with small crackling sounds in my ears, small "tic" that appear only when I start or stop playing a sound with voices (for example on Discord when someone speaks with microphone, or if I play a youtube video, when I stop it I hear a "tic" in each ear. I can't find the cause of the problem.
Anybody could have an idea ? Thanks

Hello Flobaz1302

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Is Armoury Crate updated to version

Have you checked for updates at the update center?

pic - 97426

yes of course all updates are already done.

I noticed that I can heard that sound when I change the volume during a video, earch positions of the cursors make the sound

How does things look in windows, I'm using the ROG Delta S Animate.

Pic - 97458

Have you tried running the windows troubleshooter and does it pick up anything?

Pic - 97459

In properties, does it show your device is working properly?


Hello, I checked all of these, no problem is detected. I use defaut effets (if i turn off effects it is the same...), and the spatial sound is off

the only difference with you is for the format, I dont have 2 channels before 24 bit and 48 000 Hz

I have this headset and exactly the same problem. Not sure if It was from the beginning or came later (maybe a firmware issue ?)

I am pretty sure that is a firmware or software issue, in game I dont have this problem. I have all tried, maybe the actual firmware is not good, but what can we do to solve it ?

All looks good in windows.

In Armoury Crate, does turning off the compressor help eliminate the crackling?

Pic - 97519