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Asus ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi Power issue/crash my ups like a shortcircuit.

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Hello, i don't know how to describe, basically sometime when i reset bios options, because clreared cmos, or bios update, it restart a few times, then at some point power up and my online UPS crash whit fault, like a sort of shortcircuit protection. This happen almost all the time i reset bios options. Also it happen if i set AI overclock unlocking intel cpu limit. infact, when you reset bios, it auto goes to auto overclock, this cause my ups to crash, doesnt overload, its like a big power spike, and when it happens, it shutdown and restart a few times to set the new options, usually 3 cycle of turn off turn on, about the 3rd time it turn on, ups crash. this happen if i use ai overclock, reset bios or update bios. restarting ups pc startup normally, as soon i set options and turn off Overclock and load my settings, everything works.
well not totally an AI issue, i think is more the unlocking limits or idk.
My psu is be quiet! Dark Power 12 850W, atm i dont have a gpu, i use intel uhd, my cpu is I7-11700k.

Customer Service Agent
Hi Stiel83,
May I have a video about the UPS crash fault?
Is the online UPS connecting to the pc only or also connecting to other device?
Does it also occur on bios 1202? If you press F5 to restore default settings in bios, does the issue also occur? or only occur while ai overclock turned on, cleared cmos, or bios update?
Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your support.
My ups online double conversion is rated 1500 va whit a pf of 0,7, which equals 1050 watt.
I have attached my samsung 55 inch tv, which i discovered use about 80/100 watt normally, also a modem and a router.
usually the load is 25%, about 1 ampere on 230v, which is 230 watt.
When i stress test my pc, it goes up to 45% load on the ups.
This peoblem does not alway happen, but i have seen it happen when i reset options whit f5, upgrade bios.
Also 1 time i tryed to use ai overclock, and it also happened.
What i can tell you, is that Fault led turn on, and the double inverter goes off, so it shut down power on the output, after that, i just restart it, and usually the pc resume what is doing, then i can access to bios screen, i load my settingsa, and after that pc restart a couple time to fix setting, then it operate normally. It only happens whenever i reset options.
Altought a couple times this reset option-load option went whitout the problem triggering, it's like 3 times over 4 it happen.
I thought it could be an inrush problem, or just an overload, but the ups is stated to hold 120% load for a min, instead it just shut down the inverters, and stop the output. i can provide a video, tryng f5 reset, and using AI overclock, but i think it is related to max power, the MCA asus advantage something, which release all power limit also trigger it.

I thought about an inrush problem, because the dark power 12 is 850watt, but can sustain up to 950 watt, but i don't understand why the pc should use so much power at that point, the rest i can come off, i use cat 7 cable, but my router is not grounded, im working to ground all my net next week, and see if maybe is related to grounding, also i use corsair 5000D airflow case.

Customer Service Agent
Hi Stiel83,
Do you mean the pc also shut down and auto restart few times with no display output? Do you need to restart the pc manually to access to bios screen?
If your pc don't connect to the UPS, and plug it in wall socket directly, does it still shut down and auto restart when reset bios settings?
Thank you.

Hello, well, when i change big settings related to cpu or ram, it does shutdown and restart a few times, to apply settings.
Thats where the problem happen.When i reset bios, when i apply settings it power off, then power on 3 times, on 3rd time it power on, ups shutdown, meaning everithing shut down because there is no power output.
When i restart the ups i need to power on the pc whit power button yeah.
"Do you mean the pc also shut down and auto restart few times with no display output?" yes all the time i change big options. usually, it should do this 1 time, or max at 2nd time it should start and display bios screen so pc start.
When this happen it restart whit no display output like 3 times, then around 3rd or 4th turning on of the pc ups crash in fault.
"If your pc don't connect to the UPS, and plug it in wall socket directly, does it still shut down and auto restart when reset bios settings?" well it does restart whit no display output anyway,but im afraid to try and see what happen whitout ups.
Also, recently a couple times i noticed lately, sometime the gpu qled "White" being turned on, at this point im considering to ask a replace to amazon, for the mb and cpu.
Support site suggest to check the cpu, and if problem persist change the cpu if the gpu led turn on while normal operations.
Even tho i dont know how does it work.
About cpu, might be a defective product, because i always thought there is a proble, on this new pc, despite having really good components.

hmm, asus customer service talk about an incompatibility between the ups and the power supply, or an error on the power supply.
Can it really be a Titanium certified power supply be a problem, or defective?
I mean, it costed alot, bequiet! dark power 12 850w titanium.....

My guess is something wrong with the UPS. Perhaps it interprets sudden changes in draw as some sort of fault. I doubt you're drawing too much power when only using integrated graphics.
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Well, 2 times, it happened, from pc off, i press power button to turn on the pc, and it crashed straight away, like if it was a short circuit protection. I read everywhere about what could be, and it states this fault can happen if overload and bypass is not allowed, or to protect from a short circut. Can a Battery fault be a problem? And anyway, it never happened before, only since i bought this new pc, sort of strange. I can try get exhange off amazon, because its 2 months i bought all the components. Also, the DC/AC inverter stops when this fault happen, i think AC/DC one was still up, so, if it's really a SC or a fault to the ground, if im lucky, the power supply would shut down the system.
If i try to reply this, whitout ups, but directly on ac socket, and the power supply shut down in protection, what should it mean?
Motherboard, cpu power supply problem, or all 3?....

Power supplies have several protection mechanisms so just turning off doesn't necessarily tell you what the issue is. But if this happens during an initial power on then it's not overcurrent protection since the components aren't under heavy load at that point.

Anyway, I would just connect the PC directly to mains (perhaps just a surge protector) and do a BIOS reset before you start worrying about the PSU. You mentioned that a reset seemed to trigger the issue reliably when connected to the UPS. My guess is that nothing will happen because I still think it's some sort of weirdness with the UPS.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…