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ASUS ROG Strix X299-E Gaming II and Intel Optane H10

Level 7
The other day I just upgraded my system with an intel Optane H10 M.2 (1Tb SSD + 32 Gb Optane memory), my motherboard as specs says should be optane ready.
Currently I have a problem in recognize both memories and enable optane acceleration.
First I don't understand on which slot should I put the optane stick, if I put inside M2.1, the system recognize the 1 Tb SSD memory but it's unable to recognize the 32 Gb memory.
If I put the SSD on M2.2 or M2.3 , the 32 Gb memory is recognized but Intel Optane Software doesn't recognize it as optane, and the 1 Tb SSD memory is not detected.

I think the correct slot should be M2.1 because it's the only one to support Intel RST Premium.

I wonder in any case if it's correct to set "Intel RST Premium" in bios, my current bios upgraded to latests version allows me to choose only between "ACHI" and "Intel RST Premium", but I have seen on many manuals of other motherboard that the correct option should it be "Intel RST Premium with Optane Support"

I also I have another problem that I think it's a bios bug, If i set "Intel RST Premium" instead of ACHI, all my SATA HDD are not detected by bios (they works and can be used without any problem in windows, but it's pretty annoying that I can't monitor them, see S.M.A.R.T info from bios).

Anyway can someone help me to understand, first in which slot should I put my optane, second what is the correct configuration to make in working?

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent
May I know what is your bios version?
Is that symptoms you mentioned that memory can't be detect on M.2_1 or 1TB is missing on M.2_2/3 is under os or bios.
What 's your OS version? Could you check firmware of your intel memory hd 10? Thank you.