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Asus Rog Strix rtx 3080 oc White Fan Spining Problem

Level 7
Hello guys, sorry for my bad English.
last week i bought Asus Rogstrix RTX3080 oc for white (3300$ i pay because i live in Iran and this was cheapest price!)
before use it i was so happy but after connect to my pc, i see that first fan on the left start with top speed and other 2( middle and right fans) not spining, i install driver and use msi afterburner and i see that middle fan work with msi after burner very good, but right one not work! i buy new ssd samsung drive and install new windows on it, and the problem after 6H solved but, after restart it happen again. sometimes not happen and sometime again happen. i search alot in internet about it, i update my bios to V5 version, i install again new fresh windows and just use driver and msi afterburner. i edit the curve fan controller, i buy new psu 1000w corsair rm1000x ( my oldone was 850w) but not fix! when 3fan work together, i see that after maybe 4 or 5 hour the right fan stop again and left one start with 100% speed. when i keep it with my finger, the right one start with top speed and when i release left fan, again left fan 100% speed and right fan stop.after severtime i do it, 3fans work together maybe for 4 or 5 hour and then this haooen again.
from day that i buy it until now i have this problem without fix,just 2 days work fine and after i turn my pc off and again turn it on the problem start again. pls someone help me, because Iran country haven't Asus cosummer service's ( unlucky) anymore.
so i don't know what can i do, the shop here didn't accept to turn it back. what can i do.pls pls pls help!
First Video Link:

Second Youtube Video Link of problem:

my System info:

windows10 Pro
Ryzen 7 2700x
MB Asus rogstrix b450 Gaming -F
16g ddr4 corsair vengeanse pro (2×8)
Ssd evo 970 plus 500Gb
Ssd, evo 860 250Gb( i buy it for install fresh windows after i see that Fan ​​​​​​​​not work)
Psu Corsair Rm1000x​​​​​​​​

Apps used:

Msi Afterburner v4.6.4.16094 Beta 3
Passmark Performance Test
Gpu-Z 2.40.0(TechPowerUp)

Level 12
I don't own one, but off the top of my head, it looks like the third fan only run when heat is sufficient or the other fans are not running.

Do all three spin up once you load the GPU up with an intensive game ?

edit just got through the second video, the above does appear the reason, nothing wrong here.