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Asus ROG Ryujin II AIO 360 Randomly at boot dont start the fans or start at 100%

Level 10
Hello randomly this AIO dont start the fans or more rare start them at 100% speed. To solve the issue I have to shutdown PC disconnect PC from eletrical power for 15sec and then boot again.

When this happens the OLED screen randomly flickers for a few milisecounds without any cadence.

Armoury crate all update screenshot bellow, but it doesnt mater since the probleam starts at boot, and if the fans dont start at boot by software setting them they wont move aswell untul I do the workarround.

This is getting me issues since for 3 times already it almost fried my CPU. My retailer dont accept the AIO back for refund or substitution since the stickers and the "paste" pre applied were used, and I cant reproduce the probleam wit them and the mobo was bought in other store so they say...

My mobo is also a ROG.

Z690 Maximus Hero
2x 6400 Gskill DDR5
Strix 3090
1200w Corsair PSU.


When you run into the issue with your AIO unit, does everything else work normally? (For example, do all of your USB devices work?)

Just to confirm, are all of your fans connected by the ROG fan controller box?

Finally, are you overclocked or undervolted at all?

Customer Service Agent
Hi akgis_ ,
Did you get the AIO with the used stickers and the "paste" pre applied?
Did you get the issue since you bought the AIO?
Have you tried with another PSU?
Does it also occur on bios 1403 with bios all default settings?
Thank you.

Hello the AIO was brand new, had the protective stickers and the pre-applied paste.

This has been happening since I bought it around January 2022, just opened now cause I got fed up with my retailer not doing anything.

This AIO was different from what I was accustomed I had connected everything fine, fans to the supplied controller aswell SATA power and the mini usb cable, and the the USB header to the Motherboard, the operation when fans work is all fine temperatures normal for my room.

It happens with all the bios It were released since January 2022 current 1403, default settings, default optimized settings, all USB power savings off or on, legacy USB on/off xdci hand off on/off it doesn't mater.

This is the only power supply I have at the moment

Customer Service Agent
Hi akgis_
We would suggest to check the components and reseat the AIO and fan controller first. Please also check if other USB devices work when the issue occur.
If you still have concerns about the AIO, it would be better to record a video of the issue and consult the retailer again.
Thank you.

The componets are fine, Iam not gona reseat the AIO becuase I dont want to waste any more thermal paste and the temperatures are great when the dont decide to work.

Its something with the AIO or the controler controler that is faulty or the motherboard that dont give power to the USB header.

I have removed and plugged back the cables, the USB devices work fine when the fans dont spin, keyboard, mouse, xbox pad.

Its really inconvenient to have to check if the fans are spinning or not as the AIO is not RGB

Customer Service Agent
Hi akgis_
If the CPU temps were normal when AIO was not working, may I know how you judged it almost fried your CPU?
Thank you.

cause I launched Forza Horizon 5 and on loading the fan cases shoot up then I noticed the AIO fans were working.

Also when the AIO fans arent working the monitor still shows the temps but the screen blinks aswell

Customer Service Agent
Hi akgis_
It looks like you still have concerns about the AIO, please consider recording a video of the issue and consulting the retailer again.
Thank you.

Did you ever get a resolution for this? Mine is doing the exact same thing. I'm thinking about rigging a switch to control power to the fan controller so I don't have to shutdown or open my case to power cycle the controller.