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Asus rog pg27vq scrren red yellow blue

Level 7
Hi guis, sorry for my poor english, i classic studies, then my wonderful goes in red blue and yellow when it is off from the PC. I try to restore the defaul settings and change hdmi ccable. Tkns for any helps. Bye. Dp

Level 13
There is a setting in the menu for test loop that you need to disable. I have one on my wifes rig that I used until I upgraded to a PG35VQ that will do the same thing and if you kill the power to it then it will go right back until you disable the test in the OSD for the monitor again. Just alternating solid colors on the screen. It didnt do this at first but now if power is killed, not turning the monitor off but unplugging it etc, it will revert right back to it.