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Asus Rog Maximus XIII Hero network RSS issue

Level 7

Hello there,

I got Asus Rog Maximus XIII Hero and I wonder if Receive side scaling (RSS) is supported with the ethernet network adapter? If so, how can I enable it? I checked ethernet controller properties and I run the command Get-NetAdapterrss in powershell. Got nothing up there. However, I read that Intel I225-V apparently does support RSS.  I've installed the latest driver from asus website (version at the moment). Any ideas?


Level 14

I'm seeing "Enabled: True" from Get-NetAdapterRss for my I225-V on driver, but it's behind a Hyper-V virtual switch.  Is yours showing up as not-enabled in the output of Get-NetAdapterRss, or just not listed at all in the output?

Looking at the INF files for,, and; it looks like there's no RSS advanced option for the device properties window.  The PRO2500 NDIS68 driver (e2f for Windows 10, but does work on 11) from 03/05/2022, version in the Intel Release 28.0 Ethernet driver pack does look like it has RSS tuneables for the device properties window.  In the driver INF files, look for the following in the localizable strings:

RSS                         = "Receive Side Scaling"
NumRssQueues2               = "Maximum Number of RSS Queues"
RSSProfile                  = "RSS load balancing profile"
Closest_Processor           = "ClosestProcessor"
Closest_Processor_Static    = "ClosestProcessorStatic"
NUMA_Scaling                = "NUMAScaling"
NUMA_Scaling_Static         = "NUMAScalingStatic"
Conservative_Scaling        = "ConservativeScaling"
RssBaseProcNumber           = "RSS Base Processor Number"
NumaNodeId                  = "Preferred NUMA node"
MaxRssProcessors            = "Maximum number of RSS Processors"
1queue                      = "1 Queue"
2queues                     = "2 Queues"
4queues                     = "4 Queues"
8queues                     = "8 Queues"
On                          = "On"
Off                         = "Off"
Enabled                     = "Enabled"
Disabled                    = "Disabled"

If a particular driver has the RSS-related strings in the INF, it probably has the RSS tuneables for the network adapter properties.