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Asus ROG Maximus Hero Z690 Constant Intel Lan Dropouts

Level 7
Hello there,
*i am going completely nuts over an issue that should not exist on a 600€ motherboard.
My Onboard Intel 225-V (3) *is constantly dropping out completely.
Dropping out i mean it loses all connectivity and will not reconnect. it happens after max 3 minutes within windows, or specifically under load it will drop out right away.
it is NOT oc related, have tested without any oc and it still happens just the same.
i have already tried the driver from asus website, the newer driver from intel, the me update from asus website (which i was quite reluctant to install as these usually slow down performance). everything i could find about this issue on 225 nics (older steppingstone had the problem) i did. any advice here? i did. also uncheck the power save features in device manager and also in device settings, still persists. this is a friggin 600€ mobo.*
adding an external mic is out of the question as it is a show pc.