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Asus ROG AMD Advantage 513QY BIOS 320

Level 7
Hi, one quick question, had everyone tried this BIOS? Is there any new insight of what new features it brings besides the generic Performance improvements? Cause I had to downgrande from 318 to 316 as the 318 capped the fan RPMs by a lot, so it made the laptop behave like Normal, even when forcing to use the Performance or Turbo settings on the Asus tool. Is not nice as it would make the CPU and specially the GPU to throttle so much that it would stay at arond 2.0-2.10GHz. With the version 316, the performance mode makes the GPU to run at around 2.2-2.3GHz and the Turbo at around 2.3-2.40GHz very often. So if I cared about noise, I should be the one working with the fan RPM tables on a custom profile or changing it to Silent, but the 318 BIOS makes the Performance and Turbo mode behaves exactly the same as Normal or Windows mode, the fan does not even reach 2,900RPM even when forced, while the 316 BIOS version reaches up to 3,800-4,200.

So I haven't dared to update the BIOS thinking it will botch the RPM tables again trying to keep the noise down and triggering a bottleneck due to thermal issues.