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Asus RMA, Worst experience of my life

Level 7
Who would have thought that such a big well known company like Asus, has such a terrible customer service, specially with their high end products. I purchased a Zephyrus s17 notebook back in August for 3k+ from New Egg. This was their notebook with the latest specs, model # GX701LXS. 5 months later, the notebook died ( out of nowhere ). It wouldn't turn on or charged. I checked my warranty status and I saw that my laptop was under warranty for up to 1 year, including accidental damage and everything so I decided to give Asus a call. On January 25 I decided to contact Asus and they agreed to create an RMA and said I should send the laptop back for repair. A label was sent to me 2 mins later ( they paid for shipping and everything). On Friday January 29, they received the laptop. I checked the RMA Status on Tuesday February 2nd and saw that It was on the repairing process. I checked back again on Thursday February 4th and the status changed from "Repairing" to "Service Center has arranged to exchange your device". I checked again the following day and it was the same so I decided to give them a call. According to the Asus representative I spoke with , I was supposed to receive an email from the repair department with 3 laptop models to choose from because they didn't have my laptop model on stock. I was like ok can you guys send the email again because I didn't receive anything. They told me they will contact the repair center and ask to send the email again but give them 24 -48 hours , No problem. I wait 72 hours, still no emails or call from Asus. I decided to call back again, the representative this time said that the previous representative I spoke with escalated the issued to the wrong department and that this time I will get the email within 24 to 48 hours. I waited 72 hours again, still no emails or calls from Asus so I decided to call AGAIN. This time they transferred my call to one of their supervisor, that guy left me waiting on the call for about 25 mins ( I'm not exaggerating ) while he was sending an email to the repair center asking for an update about my case and said to give him 24-48 hours while we wait for an update. 2 days later, someone sent me an email and this is the conversation

" Hello Jairo Santana Rochet,
My name is David S. and it's my pleasure to help you with your problem.
This is just an update on your case as I have not received a response as yet from our repair team regarding the swap confirmation email you should receive. I am still working with our team to have this sent to you. I will provide more information once feedback is had. Thank you for your patience and being apart of the ASUS family."

My replied was "

Jairo Santana Rochet
Feb 18, 2021, 1:02 PM (12 days ago)
to ServiceCenter_AM

Thank you for your response David, it is greatly appreciated.

Please continue to follow-up with them and let me know as soon as you get an update.

Thanks in advance.

2days later I get this reply

Fri, Feb 19, 6:36 PM (11 days ago)
to me

(*Please do not change the subject line when you reply to this email)

Hello Jairo Santana Rochet,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support, my name is Alecia H. Allow me to personally extend my humblest apologies for the inconvenience you have been experiencing with this issue, I will be more than happy to further assist you.

I have reviewed the case that was escalated for an update on your replacement unit and sadly there is no available update as of yet due to us being short on staff. However, I have pushed your case as urgent to see if we are able to get a faster update.

My reply Was:

From: Jairo Santana Rochet
Sent: 2021-02-21 10:09:56.0
Subject: Re: Re: Rma No=??????????;

I've been waiting for more than 3 weeks for an update on my case. It feels like you guys are not transparent with your costumers. I have been working from home on an ipad since I sent the computer for repair and it is a pain. I know this is not your fault at all and I appreciate you guys trying to help. There just need to be more coordination between the repair center and the customer service department. Anyways, hope you can really help me out to solve this as soon as possible.

Thanks again for reaching out.

2 Days later, someone else emailed me the following:

Feb 23, 2021, 7:36 AM (7 days ago)
to me

(*Please do not change the subject line when you reply to this email)

Hello Jairo Santana Rochet,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Support. My name is Tevon B, and I will be glad to assist you!

Our repair team has indicated that the reason why you have not been notified of the status of your replacement is that there is no model available, however, they have indicated that the replacement process has started and you will be provided with additional information once they have shipped out the replacement. I have escalated your case to the team advising them of the urgency of the matter. Please allow us 24-48 business hours for an update. On behalf of ASUS, our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you. We are here to assist with providing you with a resolution that fits best within our warranty and policies.

I was Upset so I didn't reply. Waited 3 days to see if they would send an update but didn't so I wrote the following message.

From: Jairo Santana Rochet
Sent: 2021-02-26 11:06:22.0
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Rma No=???????????;; ASUS Service No=????????????


It has been more than 62 hours and still no updates. I appreciate you trying to help me out.


Then they replied

Feb 26, 2021, 7:49 PM (4 days ago)
to me

(*Please do not change the subject line when you reply to this email)

Hello Jairo Santana Rochet,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support. My name is Rupert D. and it is a great pleasure as I am looking forward to assisting you.

Thank you for your patience while we seek to get an update regarding the replacement of your notebook. I am seeing where it is that the team has indicated that they are having a bit of difficulty in identifying a suitable replacement for you. We do understand that this delay is frustrating and we do appreciate your patience while we work to locate your replacement.

My reply was :

From: Jairo Santana Rochet
Sent: 2021-02-26 21:34:17.0
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Rma No=??????????;; ASUS Service No=??????????????

I just dont see how it is difficult to find a replacement. You guys have so many 2080 super models, or just give me something newer or better and I will pay the small difference. I just need a working computer for work.

4 days later their reply was:

Mar 1, 2021, 7:15 AM (1 day ago)
to me

(*Please do not change the subject line when you reply to this email)

Hello Jairo Santana Rochet,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support. My name is Christopher F. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for all the inconvenience that you may have experienced. I appreciate you reaching out and would be delighted to provide you with the information that you need.

I see here that your case was escalated to our highest level of support for them to provide an update on the replacement status. Regrettably, an update has not been provided as of yet, so what I have done is push the case as urgent for a faster response. Please do note that we have not forgotten you and once an update is provided, we will reach out to you with the necessary updates.

I've never wrote a negative feedback about a company before. I usually try to work with them as long as I feel they are being transparent with me but these people either seems to have no clue of what's going on with my notebook or they are just trying to give me the run around. As a photographer I need a computer to do my job so I decided to just give up and get another computer for now. I just bought all the components to build a desktop from a different brand. Asus products are great when they work, but there is a reason why they have such a low rating when it comes to customer service. Never buying anything from Asus again.

Level 7
My name is Adrian from the ASUS Customer Loyalty Team here at our North America Corporate Office. If you would allow, I would be more than glad to help provide a resolution to this case. Please email me with the below details so I can work with related personnel to get this straightened out.

Product S/N:
RMA #:
Complete Shipping Address:
Full name:

My email is

March 21st and I'm still waiting for an update from Asus. This is unacceptable.

WORST TECH SUPPORT SERVICE EVER! Â*I've played the "email game" on more than one occasion! Â*I'm currently on my FOURTH RMA (in less than two months) relating to the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000. Â*First issue (initial purchase) was with the LAN4 port (unable to establish and internet connection). Â*Received a brand new / factory sealed GT-AX11000. Â*After the initial set up / configuration and a few days of use, the 2.5G Gaming Port (LAN5) showed 'Unplugged' when checking the STATUS. Â*My Xbox Series X would not establish a connection to Xbox Live. Â*I contacted ASUS tech support and a RMA was issued. Â*I received, for a second time, a brand new / factory sealed GT-AX11000. Â*After the initial set up / configuration, and less than one day of use, the 2.5G Gaming Port failed again! Â*I contacted ASUS and requested to speak with the next level tier of Tech Support. Â*I got the run around for almost two weeks. Â*I was contacted by four different people (phone calls / emails) regarding the issue with the router, and none of those people were from the next level tier of Tech Support. Â*In one instance, the Asus Tech Support Representaive needed information that wasn't even related to the issue I was having. Â*After failing to get anywhere with Tech Support, I requested my FOURTH RMA! Â*Needless to say, this is beyond ridiculous!

Yea, I feel for you, I really do. I've had problems with their tech support and customer service for years. Still have all the past emails to show, too. So many of the experiences in talking with these guys, I'm literally sitting there, mouth agape, wondering how someone so stupid made it into the tech industry. And really simple and stupid things like not understanding that an SSID can have more than one word/string of characters in it, or how to expand the device manager. And other stuff too, like sending me the wrong parts to my motherboard.
I stuck with Asus because they have an office about an hour away. After some really, REALLY stupid interactions with their tech support, I just showed up at the office and told them they are replacing my motherboard right then and there. The manager of the office came out and helped me out. I handed him a print off of some of the interactions that I had been going through, and he got a really puzzled look on his face, too. He replaced the motherboard, and upgraded it for free. And gave me his email address and said for me to just contact him directly from then on. He was a really great guy and we became friendly. Sadly, he's no longer at that office any more, and now having the problems of Asus's idiotic tech support. I created a ticket last week, logged back in today to check on the status and found that someone had closed it, without even responding to me about anything.
Asus, as well as many other tech companies, no longer hire technically inclined people. They hire "customer service reps" that are only able to follow a script. As soon as you mention troubleshooting that's any more complicated than, "did you turn it off and back on again?" then they have to escalate to someone that at least knows where the Device Manager is.