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Asus rma nightmare

Level 7
Good Morning,

I come here to share what is happening to me.

On the 27th of November I went to the store to deliver an Asus Rog Strix Z370-i motherboard because it did not start. In the store they checked the motherboard and CPU pins and everything was OK.
On December 17th I received an email saying that the problem was the CPU pins (which was checked by the store) and that I had to pay for the repair. I emailed the store and Asus to report and complain about the situation and did not change the answer. I was obliged to accept and have to pay for this repair (on 8 January).
Today, after 2 months, I continue without the motherboard ...

I am really disappointed with the Asus brand because I have always been a consumer of the brand, especially ROG. It's a good time to change ...

S/N: H9M0AJ017341

To this day, I do not know about the motherboard.

Level 7
Update: Asus change to a new RMA because the old was attributed to more than one (how its possible but ok) and told me that the motherboard had already been delivered. The store say that didnt receive. What do we stay in? How am I that I am the "victim" in all of this. It the Worst After-Sales Service

New RMA CZA1K15360

Level 7
After this days passed i dont have the motherboard, i dont have information , i dont have nothing. I do not even have follow up by the brand.
Almost 3 months.

A complete nightmare. Run away from this brand.

Customer Service Agent
Hello rauliporto,
Thank you for messaging us.
Private message has been send to you
regarding this issue.
Please help to check and reply.
Thank you again.
Have a nice day.