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ASUS repair center damaged my motherboard

Level 7
I'm having an extremely bizarre encounter with an ASUS repair center. I sent in a mini-itx motherboard to repair an issue with the USB on the motherboard (otherwise the board is in perfect working order with no physical or cosmetic damage of any kind), however upon receipt they are claiming that, instead, 2 CPU pins on the board are bent and billed me for $75. On top of that, repeated emails asking about the USB issue are ignored and they only keep mentioning that I have to pay for the CPU pins.

Of course I've heard a lot of about ASUS supposedly intentionally damaging boards to avoid repairs so I took care to take a lot of pictures of the board before shipping. Additionally the motherboard CPU protector was on, it was placed in the original antistatic bag, wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, and placed in a cardboard box surrounded by crumpled kraft paper. The repair center is claiming it may have been shipping damage and asked me to file a claim with the shipper. However to me it sounds extremely implausible that only 2 pins get bent from shipping damage. Furthermore they refuse to show me any packaging damage to help with a shipping claim.

Here is the photo they sent me with two CPU pins bent. They are claiming it's shipping damage that caused this and are refusing any repairs!

This is my photo of the CPU area before shipping. I also sent them a photo of it with the RMA shipping label next to it. There were no damaged pins and the board was working fine just before shipping.

To me it sounds like some repair guy accidentally broke the pins and assume that I can just get the shipping company to pay for it all. Of course there's also the issue where they are completely ignoring the USB issue I originally sent it in for.**

Level 7
Here's another case where ASUS damaged the CPU pins:* (this person also installed CPU socket protector).

The support person is simply maintaining that they received it that way.*

Level 7
So just an update: ASUS support person said they'd escalate the issue but while this was happening they decided to return the motherboard to me un-repaired...

So despite the fact that the CPU socket had a solid plastic cover on it (I placed it on exactly as instructed on the instruction sheet before shipping), and wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by Kraft paper in a cardboard box, they are still maintaining that somehow Fedex managed to damage exactly 2 pins without any sign of external packaging damage. Clearly someone is lying about how the damage was done and I still have no resolution to the issue or anyone from ASUS willing to agree that the circumstances are really fishy... This superbly poor after-sales and warranty service makes me want to avoid ASUS products like the plague. Take APPLE for example which provides exceptional support just by walking into an Apple store and in many cases getting same day issue resolutions or replacements... why would I ever risk buying an ASUS laptop or phone with this type of support?

Level 7
Hello notchrischen
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