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Asus PG348Q RMA repair.

Level 8
Recently I had to RMA my Asus PG348Q monitor due to a sudden formation of around 7 dead pixels. I was informed it would need to go to the service center in NZ by the Asus support phone line. The monitor was arranged to be picked up and delivered to the service center the following week. I inquired with the service center what the repair time would be and they said that they had to order parts into the country for the PG348Q because they didn't hold buffer stock for that model and that the repair could be up to two weeks.

Two weeks later the repair is complete and I received the monitor back on Friday 08th Feb. Now it looks like a good job has been made with the LCD panel replacement but unfortunately one of the first things I noticed once the monitor was powered back on is the back light bleed on this screen is very bad. This is disappointing because the original screen did not suffer in this aspect to that degree. Further, the back light bleed on the replacement panel is so bad that I do not find it acceptable. The back light bleed is actually bleeding into colors other than black in the games and videos I have tested.

So I decided to contact Asus again via my technical inbox to inform them of the issue and ask this time whether a replacement unit could be an option instead. The reply was that replacements should be sought with the retailer and they are happy to book the monitor in for repair.

It would be a total inconvenience to pack this 34" monitor up just 1 week after receiving it back from the service center to send it back to them again. The back light bleed levels could have been inspected by the repair agents during final testing but is wasn't. My biggest concern is that the NZ service center don't hold replacement screen stock for the PG348Q. I could send the monitor back to them and wait for two weeks for them to order another LCD screen that could also have poor back light bleed or another issue.

Given the circumstances of this RMA I cannot understand why Asus are not willing to offer a replacement unit out of convenience. Personally I feel a refurbished unit that has been thoroughly inspected (including acceptable back light bleed levels) might be the quicker way to resolving this issue. By reaching out here I hope that someone from Asus might understand where I am coming from and help to offer a more suitable resolution.

I have attached two pictures of the replacement panels back light bleed for reference.

78818 78819

Level 8
It's been 2-3 weeks since I posted the update on my replacement monitor in this thread and am still waiting for a response. Asus?

Level 7

i have the same monitor but my screen is broke and would like to replace it its not under warranty i could replace it my self just dont know where to get the part