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ASUS GPU RMA: Can I be put in touch with a customer relations representative?

Level 8
Hello, all. Not sure if this is the correct place to put this request, so apologies if it is not.

My GPU (ASUS Strix 1080 A8Gaming) died a couple weeks ago, and I've sent it in for RMA.

Is there anyway I could be put in touch with a customer relations representative? I just want to find out how the RMA process is going.

Thanks, and once again sorry if this isn't the right place!

Level 8
My RMA was for a GTX 1080 Strix. The card was used in a custom loop, worked great for over a year and died a couple weeks ago. It stopped working while playing a game, I tried rebooting and it booted to a black screen. To confirm: this wasn't the fault of the loop. Other videocards work in my system, the onboard video works. I disassembled the waterblock and checked for leaks, none. I tried different PSUs/PCI-E cables, different slots, different systems, different HDMI/DisplayPort cables and monitors to no avail. The card boots the system to a black/blank screen if it is the primary video, otherwise it is disabled with Code 43 in device manager.

I reattached the original heatsink. The photo attached to my RMA/warranty denied notification simply indicated I had broken the warranty seal (the sticker covering one of the screws on the original heatsink). This indicated to me that the only reason the tech denied my RMA/warranty was because I had broken the sticker, which *used* to be ASUS' policy in USA/North America (breaking that sticker immediately voids your warranty). If this is still the policy in Canada, then I guess I am out of luck. I will still dispute and am in the process of trying to get an escalation.

I have to throw it out there: I've been an extremely loyal ASUS user going back to my college/starving student days, reaching way back to the last 90s/early 2000s. I still own my last 3 builds, all built around the Maximus Formula family: V, VII, and now a X. My last 4 videocards were ASUS, I migrated away from EVGA: 770, 980 Strix, 980 TI Strix and now this 1080 Strix. ASUS RT-N66U and now an AC88U Router... I bought my parents an ASUS router! I just bought a ROG Claymore and Gladius II Origin to complete my rig...

I've registered most of these products, so it's legit and I'm not making stuff up on the spot. I'm not even listing the countless ASUS motherboards I used or recommended for non-main/family member/friends and colleague systems.

I must admit, the reason I kept going with ASUS was, in my case, everything simply lasted forever. Of those parts I listed, the only part that failed before this was the 770, which failed outside of warranty, so no hate for ASUS. All the recent parts are still in "production". I take care of my parts. As stated in my RMA claim and subsequent dispute, this video card simply failed after working great for over a year and I thought ASUS' NORTH AMERICA policy (Canada inclusive) indicated I would not be automatically denied valid warranty coverage for replacing the heatsink.

I hope this ends well, because I do love the products especially the entire ROG line, it should be obvious. I know ASUS won't miss me, won't even be a blip but it's discouraging that a loyal, longtime customer who hadn't even opened a single RMA before this incident is being denied coverage for something that the warranty should cover. If the technician had proceeded to remove the stock heatsink they would see there was no damage at all, the card simply failed. The why is beyond me.

I will need a videocard in the interim and it should be obvious I am extremely hesitant to buy another ASUS GPU since it will have to go into a custom loop.

Level 7
Can you please send me a PM with any of the following details that you do have available?

Product S/N:
Case ID#:

Also please pass me your contact details:
Full name:

I'll pass your case to related personnel and department for further investigation
Thank you