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Asus Crosshair VIII Formula Post Code Errors

Level 7
Hello *.*

I am on latest Bios version 4201
Nothing is overclocked

After I did set my computer up again to boot from a single 2TB NVME I do get two error codes while posting from computer off/on.
Rebooting by Windows or Reset works mostly fine, it seems only when I switch off/on the whole computer I get errors...

...such as:

code 30: check NVME
code 02: check HDD

I have 2 SATA disks via AHCI connected and all works fine. Booting is from NVME (no raid mode)
AMI NVME is disabled in my Bios (maybe the prob?)
SATA on Hot plug enabled
S.M.A.R.T check on disks is disabled

After I get the errors on display I press the reset button and all boots without errors.

What could it be?