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ASUS B550-F (WiFI) w/ Ryzen 7 5800x issues

Level 7
I just recently built a new, fresh system with the following specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
Cooler: Lian Li Galahad 360mm AIO
RAM: G.SKill Trident Z 3600MHz C14 8x4 (DOCP 3600MHz C14 enabled)
GPU: Zotac Gaming RTX 3070 Ti Amp Holo
Storage: Sabrent Rocket M.2 TB
PSU: Corsair RM850x
Case: Lian Li 011 Dynamic
Fans: 9 Lian Li AL120 connected to the Lian Li fan hub.

I'm having CONSISTENT issues with the USB devices disconnecting and reconnecting intermittently at random times. I can't forcefully make it happen. It tends to happen while gaming so I assume under load. I am also having an issue with the Intel ethernet controller 1225-V randomly just disconnecting and saying that I am not connected to the internet. The only fix to get it to start working again is to do a hard restart. I haven't ran into hard crashes like blue screens or anything. I also have issues with the lighting on the motherboard and fans not turning on sometimes but that might be software related to armoury crate.
It's extremely annoying that I've put all this money into this build and it's practically unusable. I googled multiple scenarios of this happening and a majority of the complaints were early 2021. I haven't seen anything really about the issue in 2022. I've contacted ASUS support about this and they offered an RMA, however, I told them it would be pointless to replace the motherboard if this is happening across all B500-F motherboards.
The BIOS version I currently have is 2603 as of 2/09/2022 and is a beta release.
The things I have tried: Disabling C-states in BIOS, changing the PCIex16_1 lane to GEN3 instead of auto, deleting all USB drivers under device manager and restarting to allow windows to reinstall them. For the ethernet, I've went on the ASUS website to install the latest driver for the Intel I225-V. Still does it.
I'm still under the return window for the motherboard and if there's any other suggestions for motherboards that don't have this issue (no matter the price), I am 100% willing to swap them out just to get a functioning PC. I am open to any solution.

Level 12
Hi bippu2gs,
Do the issues you mentioned occurs on the specific USB devices, cables and router?
Do the issues also occur with bios all default settings?
Have you tried bios2423?
Thank you.

Level 12