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Level 7
Forgive me if there is a recent post with the answers i am looking for, I have spent the last few days installing and uninstalling Drivers and Sonic Studio, Nahmic Drivers and restarts etc etc
I have not been using my Desktop Build much recently as been away for work and got trapped there for a few Months because Covid restrictions etc etc
I have a ASUS AMD X570 ROG CROSSHAIR VIII FORMULA Motherboard, with a Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti Graphics card (I have just bought a Galax RTX 3080Ti SG, but not installed it yet) AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU and G.Skill TRIDENT Z NEO DDR4 32GB 3600 MHz (2x16) F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC and an Aurus 2Tb Gigabyte M2 SSD NVME PCI 4.0
Cannot think of anything else to add, Motherboard BIOS is 1302 and up to date.

Anyway, i used to have Sonic Studio installed on the Computer and used it to alter sound experience etc, now it has disappeared completely, Sound is still working, but the only controls i have are via windows, so i can used an equalizer or Bass Treble etc etc, or edit sound for certain games . .
I tried to installed Sonic Studio 3 multiple times, plus messing around with Nahmic drivers as seen on other posts, just nothing works, initially it would load then just disappear within seconds, latest try it loads then comes up with current system not supported or the Audio Driver has not been installed . . .
Driving me bonkers
Nearly at a stage where will just buy a cheapish soundcard 😞 But this Motherboard is expensive, and supposed to have everything i need
Please please can someone help me to get either get Sonic Studio installed, or even point me in the direction of another piece of software that will do what i need ?
Any help really will be greatly appreciated
Thanks, Phil T

Level 7
Has anyone got any ideas please ? Not 1 reply ?

Level 12
Sonic studio isn't needed to run soundcard on the motherboard. Only the Realtek Audio Driver is needed which includes Nahmic driver.

Sonic has an issue with windows updates and a patch for it (that might be source issue for you)
I dont use sonic at all, not even sure why you would need it.

Thanks for your reply, and got the link to the Asus Download Page Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.8960.1 For Win10 64-bit.
Support SS3VAC+DTSS Models and looking at device manager it is already installed
Maybe i am caught up in exactly what i wanted to do, but wanted some software that could/can control sound such as Bass Treble, surround sound etc ?
I used to be able to adjust all this with Sonic Studio, is there any other software i could use to do this and fine tune sound ? All i have right now is basic controls
Sorry to be a pain and maybe i am a bit lost with all this

Its ok now, got it sorted somehow, not sure what i did, but what i want to work works now
Thanks again