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Are Claymore 2 doomed or am I really unlucky ?

Level 7

I am looking for advice/experience regarding Claymore 2 keyboard. I bought 2 of them 1 year ago (1 blue, 1 red) at 2 weeks interval. So far, everything was OK.

Last week, the blue one "died". L, O and Fn keys suddendly stopped working => OK, unhappy but these things happen... => Back to the shop for warranty - Have to wait 3 weeks now...

Yesterday, the red one "died". 2 fulls rows of keys suddendly stopped working (QWERTY and the next one) apart from few keys (], end, page down, ...)

I am now very unhappy... These 2 keyboard were used by different people with completely different usage so it's not because of the way they were used.

I tried to reset the keyboard (Fn+Esc) for the red one, I tried updating firmware, testing on another computer, etc.... for both of them. Nothing worked

Anyone else experiencing such issue with Claymore 2 ? And found a solution may be ?

To be honest, I had terrible experience with ROG this last year: 1 Strix laptop under repair because of random BSOD when idle (fine in Turbo mode), now 2 Claymore dead... Considering the price tag and my previous experiences with ROG, I was not expecting this at all.


Level 12
Hi feuxeu77,
If you have made sure firmware updated but some keys still not working, please consult retailer for warranty.
Thank you.

Level 8
I totally get your feeling , I'm a ROG fan since 2006 and baught several laptops and peripherals and never experienced issues that wouldn't be solved by after sale service.

I purchased one ROG Claymore II and a ROG Strix TKL last year in may and June and for some reason this exact same issue happened as per your red one :

Unfortunately , for some odd reasons, Asus product have only 1 year of warranty in the Philippines, where I work since last year, and this issue happenned 2 month after the end of the warranty.
If I would have purchased my keyboard in Switzerland, where I'm from and where I usually buy my product , I would have had two years of warranty, I'm really disapointed as, like you, I was not expecting this as ASUS ROG product allways have been of stunning quality and longevity, I'm still using a G752VS that performs quite well for his age.

If someone find a fix for this that would be awsome.

Best regards to all