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Another RMA gone rouge

Level 7
Hi All,

I just want to report about a possible mishandling of an going RMA ticket for keyboard issue.

Here is the story-

I have a ROG Strix G533QS Laptop which I bought last year April. Early this year (sometime in January) suddenly during
a conference call, in between my presentation, the laptop started to behave very weirdly.
I did not have control of the mouse and could not click anything. It took a few minutes to figure out
that the 'enter button' was getting pressed incessantly, because of which no other presses/clicks were getting registered.

From that point onwards it has been a painstaking process of identifying the root cause. I reinstalled OS (Windows), tried Linux OS, external keyboards etc, installed new drivers, etc. Still the problem persisted. The problem was not exactly reproducible but was sure to happen now and then. Since a month the it started to happen a frequently, so I finally realized that this can indeed be a hardware problem and checked if the problem was occurring in BIOS, and to my surprise it was indeed the case. So I contacted ASUS support (Germany, since I live here and the laptop was also bought here) and they asked me to raise RMA ticket for which I had to send my laptop to "LetMeRepair" shop in Berlin.

On Friday (04.11.22) I got a report saying that this is a "Customer Induced Damage (CID)" and it belongs to the case of liquid induced damage. As a result, they have slapped me with a bill of 200 Euros. I am literally shocked from this report, as to how in the case this can be. I have never even operated the laptop with wet fingers/hands let alone spill any type of liquid at any time. This is an expensive laptop which I use for my work, therefore I take utmost care of it.
I am 100% sure that they are making false claim which is also evident in the lack of proper diagnostic explanation and highly vague pictures. I do not know what sense can be made out of these images?

96141 96142

Where is the evidence for liquid induced damage form the pics?

Even though I have sent a mail to a feedback mail-id asking for detailed explanation, I have not received anything yet.

Very disappointed from the diagnosis :'(

What options do I have now? Would be very glad if someone could assist me on how to proceed in this case.

Thank you in advance!!

Customer Service Agent
Hi, I have sent you a message, please provide your RMA number or laptop serial number through the message.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.