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AMD AE G513QY LAPTOP reboots due to dGPU entering low power state?

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As we see it "low power state" COULD BE broken and causes a reboot... and keep dGPU idle without low power state mode, make it consume 6W which cuts battery life by 50%... so we somehow need dGPU's "Low Power State" to work without cause crash/reboot.To clarify, dGPU has few modes, as we know it:
1. Idle (no use but alive)
2. Low Power State

So keep it idle/alive would still consume approx. 6W which causes 40-50% on-battery life cut, but if we can fix so Low Power State works and doesnt causes the reboot issue, we will gain back the battary life and avoid reboots issue.

GPU-Z and ASUS GPU Tweaker 3 keeping dGPU alive, avoids from it going "low power state" (LPS = as we suspect has a bug which causes it to reboot) which means, even if nothing uses the dGPU (Idle) it still eats approx. 6W and hence cuts battery life by 40-50%.

Which leads Josh from our Discord community to following theory, The GPU should never go into power saving mode whenever a app is using it. But in some apps, that is possible. Hence, the bug is this: Whenever an multithreaded app that is using the 6800M is suspended (debugger attached or for whatever reason), and the GPU goes into power saving mode, then resumes after. It will cause the failure to reset.

In other words, whenever an app is using the GPU and does not pause using the GPU (or the GPU does not go into power saving mode) it will not cause this bug.

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Anyone has a solution for this?

@ASUS/@Blake I think AMD drivers is where we might be willing to look at.....

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