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All games crashing. New system. Asus z690-e, TUF 3080 12GB OC, DDR5 6400, 12900kf

Level 7
Hello, I am having major issues with a brand new PC build. Every single time I try to play a game it either crashes immediately, or crashes after several minutes of playing. I get fault bucket errors in Windows Event Viewer. I did some Googling and found there are some major problems with the Asus z690 series and the 3080 PCIE 5.0 slot. There seems to be no resolution, even now months after initial reporting. I need some help getting this working, if it's even possible at all.

Here are some of the errors:
Another game that I played CS:GO would play OK for a little bit and then either close completely, or the picture would freeze but the game would continue in the background. This game did not leave any errors in the Event Viewer.

Here are the full computer specs:
Asus z690-e
Intel Core i9-12900KF
2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z5 PC 6400 RAM
Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB
Seasonic PRIME 1300W 80+ Platinum Power Supply
Win 11 Pro
Current BIOS version: 1403

What I've tried:
Updating all drivers/firmware/BIOS. Disabled PCI Express Native Power Management and ASPM in BIOS (This fixed the WHEA 17 errors showing up in System Event Logs, but not the crashing). Tried no overclock, tried XMP, tried XMP II. Disabled all overlays (steam, nvidia). Tried running with GeForce Experience uninstalled. Tried disabling ROG Live Service.

Every single game crashes to desktop. One time CS:GO changed the colors of the screen (almost like accessibility highlighting, it made things go black with odd colors other places, but that only happened once). Never had a BSOD, just games crashing to desktop (except the one time I launched CS and it completely locked up the computer with strange colors). I can run stress tests with no crashing. Before I did any updates at all, I ran Cinebench and it finished 10 mins and gave me a result, however it crashes every time I try to start it now and won't run no matter what settings I use.

Is there a fix or do I need to RMA this entire PC?

Level 7
It looks as if I may have found a solution. I plugged my PC directly into the wall instead of through a surge protector. I think the 3080 kicks up the voltage so high the surge protector may have been regulating the power stopping it from working correctly, I'm not certain, but last night I was able to game for hours without any crashes. I will test more later.

Edit: Plugged my PC back into a surge protector and it's running smooth. Not sure what happened initially, but I did go ahead and reinstall all drivers, downgrade the BIOS, and then re-update the BIOS. Games playing smooth as butter now.

Level 7

I Have new build aswel with same rams as you, i tried everything and nothing works still my games crashes so the only solution was to disable xmp from bios and run my rams at 4800, now everything its ok but its a shame when you have 6400 ram to downgrade them just to play games 😞 i hope i helped you.