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ALC4082 drops the start of audio (Z690 Hero)

Level 8
When going from an idle/silent state to a sound playing, the beginning of the sound gets cut off/never plays.

This is also apparent when short notification sounds are played. For example, sometimes almost the entire Discord message notification sound will be missed, sometimes the second half of it will play.

The most reliable way to reproduce the issue is to use the Windows sound output device "test" button, which plays a test tone on each channel sequentially. As long as no other audio is playing, some 25-50% of the time you'll hear the first tone (left) play, and then the second tone (right) will be missing the first 0.5s.

Following some forum diving, a workaround that's currently working for me is to enable listen to this device against Stereo Mix, and then set its volume to 0. The explanation offered is that this keeps the audio hardware awake, preventing the delayed wake-up issues. Doing this, the "test" button now works correctly, and I no longer have issues with notification sounds.

Here's a video of the test:

Test 1: shows the issue
Test 2: apply the stereo mix listen workaround, issue no longer occurs
Test 3: remove the workaround, shows the issue again

My current audio driver version is 6.3.9600.2297, the latest available on the support site at

Also can confirm that none of the BIOS versions 0237 (original), 0702, nor 0803 (newest) have any effect.

Have also tried driver version 6.3.9600.2306 from MoKiChU's package, which did not have any effect either. The problem remains the same as shown in the video linked above.

I strongly believe this is basically the "wake up delay" problem described in previous threads, e.g., but I was told to create a new one for the different board.

Customer Service Agent
Hi sst4520,
Is your motherboard ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme?
Do you mean there is no crackling sound when uninstall the audio driver from our support site and only use windows default audio driver version?
Do you hear crackling sound on bios 1720 with bios all default settings(no OC)?
May I have the following information when you hear crackling sound?
- Which headphones and speakers do you use? Which port do you plugged them in?
- Which app and video/music do you use and play? Do you hear crackling sound when playing video and music or in games without volume adjustment, pause, stop, play, rewind?
- How often do you hear cracking sound?
- video of cracking sound
- screenshots of your audio driver version, audio FW and ME FW
Thank you.

STARRAIN@ROG quit trying. Quit trying to hide that ASUS' sound software is pure trash. You NEED to contact **REALTEK.** Yes, when I uninstall Realtek USB Audio Driver V6.3.9600.2307 UWD (DRV_Audio_RTK_USB_CNT_DTSP_TP_W11_64_V6396002307_20211201R), the issue goes away. Quit trying to rearrange a question/statement to try and manipulate responses, ask if I have the motherboard I'm responding to a post to, protect ASUS by requesting audio sound files, push a wanted narrative by saying it's another companies fault, and say, "This isn't our fault. It's something on your end." I'm not going to feed you, nor the company, your wanted manipulated response.

STARRAIN@ROG, why ask, "Is your motherboard ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme?" You can look in your system right now, and you will see I own the ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme.

Until you're 100% caught, which you guys will try your hardest to prevent from happening, you guys keep playing this cat and mouse game. This type of way of doing business is unacceptable. You're burning a bridge that can afford new motherboards, but I will not accept companies/people trying to hide things and shove their issues under the rug.

Customer Service Agent
Hi sst4520,
Although I had checked your thread, not sure if you still use the motherboard currently, so ask model name again for confirmation.
For audio issue, I'm afraid it is hard to check it with description. That's why we want to get audio sound files.
We need to check the scenario of the audio issue to check if we can reproduce it internally and then report it to Realtek for further analysis.
We would appreciate you could share the files and information.