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After second use of rog flow 13 rog mobile graphic card is stuck now

Level 7
Hello, sorry for the bad english but my mother language is Spanish and i don't know what to do with this issue:

2 weeks ago i bought a laptop with an external graphic card, i attached only two times the graphic card and when i tried to get the graphic card out by the second time it got stuck and i can't get it out... im not rich to afford a fix currently and i don't know how to solve it :(...

I attached the external graphic card to the flow 13 model that i just bought in my country like 2 weeks ago... Unfortunately the graphic card is now STUCK and i can't get it out of the computer, i ain't pushing it anymore because im afraid of breaking it and im not rich to have afford a fix for it or anything related... it already costed me a lot and i was very happy with it until this... now i can't even get it out of my house because it's retarded to go out with the graphic card holding on it..



Help please 😞

Level 7
Since i didn't had anything to force it gently, i used 2 spoons between the graphic card and the computer and pressed both at the same time and pushed the pc away (i did my best to make it gently) ... had to get rid of the security so now the lock button does nothing, it kinda sucks to destroy something you just bought though 😕 but now at least the graphic card is no longer stuck in it.


As you can see at the connectors picture i had to "get rid of the two tiny pieces that locks the graphic cards inside the notebook..." =/

Customer Service Agent
Sorry to hear about such bad experience . It seems hook broken inside the laptop. Please check your private message.
I need personal info to let local service team contact you.

Hi, the level after second use of rog boot animation stays at only 13 now. And the cpu dial is not working in the background at all. I used liquid cooling to cool the system because it didn't work stable when i used air cooler or aio cooler.

Level 7

Hello, I just had the same problem, I have not unclogged using spoons jet so as not to **bleep** the guarantee... you could refer someone who can help me too (In my case it was the first time I connected the device), I am very sad

Customer Service Agent

Hi @kain960 ,

I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you