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Advice Needed on RMA damaged 3080

Level 7
Hello everyone.

So I had a 3080 that got completely wrecked by the RMA service. Actually posted about it on the service inquiry thing .

The thing is though, something tells me I won't actually receive any help there 'cuz I'm pretty sure the mods don't really speak English as a first language and I seem to have been misunderstood.

What do you all think I should do in this situation? I'm thinking of taking the RMA service to court of course, but I'd like to not go to court if possible.

TLDR: Card was black screen crashing but otherwise normal. Sent it to RMA. RMA bent my card and gave it back to me, card was overheating like crazy, sent it back to RMA again for the second time, they changed the fans for no reason and it still overheats like crazy, sent it back a third time, card is still at RMA while they "ask asus international what to do". Tried my luck at the forums but the mod completely ignored that the RMA service damaged my card....what do I do?

Whatever happens, final time I buy an ASUS GPU. This has been a horrid RMA experience.