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4090 TUF - Using both HDMI's not working on boot/restart

Level 7
My setup is this: LG C2 for main monitor via HDMI, LG C1 for couch gaming connected via HDMI. Then a 3rd monitor connected via DP. The sole purpose of buying this gpu is that is has two HDMI ports. Here is my problem. I have my main monitor (LG C2) connected to bottom HDMI on gpu as that has priority from my understanding. When I power up/restart if my LG C1 is turned off my LG C2 (main monitor) will not detect/turn on. I either have to turn on the LG C1 and then they both show up or I have to disconnect the LG C1 from gpu to get my LG C2 to come on.

I have updated my vbios and I'm on the current nvidia driver and using W11, up to date.

How do I fix this?

Customer Service Agent
Hello, chad711.

According to your description, you have connected two LG C2 displays to separate HDMI ports and a third monitor using DP.
May I ask if you have tried swapping the HDMI ports for the two LG TVs?

Could you share the following information to help us better understand the scenario of your problem?
- the main motherboard in currently build and the BIOS version
- the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default)
- the brand and model name of the CPU, DRAM, GPU, and PSU currently installed

Thank you.