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3090 RTX FAN NOISE [Seeking Help]

Level 7
Been saving for months and after finally getting my hands into this beauty 3090 RTX.

Asus treat me with this design flaw. Fans Vibrate or does the noise at 71% fan speed (LEFT AND MIDDLE).
I can replace the card in my local reseller however they dont have 3090's atm..

I have seen some people in forums fixed it by inserting some piece in between the shroud and the fan but I don't seem to understand how is that possible. If anyone has fixed the issue (temporarily) Uploads a video for me and other people having the same issue would be appreciated

Level 7
I have the same problem,video or picture would be great

I was also having the same issue aroound 1600-1800rpm there is this rattling sound.

Its the fan closest to the display port rattling.

I suspect is because the fan mount is too close to the heatsink so at certain RPM, it will vibrate the fan mount causing it to hit the heatsink.... which is also the reason why other post say putting something in-between the fan mount and heatsink will solve it.

So I decided give the fan a few firm pull downwards (away from the heatsink), and seems like it solved it for me.

But please don't pull it too hard until u break the fan mount but just enough strength until you see the mount flex outward away from the heatsink.

You might want to give this method a try too.... and update me if it works for you...

The rattlesound is gone after vbios update.

berglake wrote:
The rattlesound is gone after vbios update.

Youre very cute... hardware problem cant be solved by software/firmware.

Level 10
Dear all,
for the RTX 3090,3080,3070 fan vibrate and cause noise issue,
please kindly send your product to our service center for repair.
If you have any question regarding sending the card to repair, please PM me your SN.
Thank you.