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3080Ti & GPU Tweak II

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I have contacted support via phone. The connection was terrible as always. I have actually been calling ASUS support allot lately since I just built a new pc with mostly ROG STRIX comps. During the last call we got disconnected and they never called me back. That was this past Friday 4/15/22. I have been using ASUS products for close to 20 years and have never experienced the kind of lack luster support as I have with my recent experiences. Terrible connection and seemingly unknowledgeable personal. The experience related in this thread is accurate:

I have been building my own PC's for close to 20 years and have been using primarily ASUS components the entire time flawlessly with no issues. Normally everything works fine with little fuss. I have never experienced as much trouble as I have with this most recent build. I assumed using all ASUS ROG Strix comps would be a non-issue.

I believe my issues lies with the GPU. During my conversation with support on Friday, before we got disconnected, he was telling me that I needed the ASUS GPU Tweak II. This surprised me as I have a 3060Ti on another PC and the ASUS GPU Tweak II isn't on that PC and it works just fine.

You can see my PC specs in my profile. I put the PC together, installed W11 PRO, updated, installed drivers and got it all up-to date and ready to use. I had been using it fine for about a week before I tried to play a game on it. The first game I tried was Valheim. Despite the various settings my PC kept crashing. So I tried Overwatch on various settings and the same issue persisted. I assumed a fancy new bad-ass GPU would handle it fine. At this time I had not installed ASUS GPU Tweak II yet.

In my past ASUS builds I would let the ASUS AI overclocking feature do its thing with no interference from me. I never had an issue with it. So with this build I did the same thing operating under the same assumption. I was familiar with MSI Afterburner so I installed it (keep in mind at this point I have not called support yet and have not installed GPU Tweak II yet) to help troubleshoot the crashes. While gaming, MSI Afterburner showed temps of around 50C and GPU usage peaking at 98% !!!!

After talking with support about it and waiting for them to call me back I installed ASUS GPU Tweak II and uninstalled MSI Afterburner. But the issue persists. GPUTweakII also shows extremely high usage on the GPU. When i installed the 3080Ti I was expecting the same kind of experience as my other previous graphic cards, plug & play. But that does not seem to be the case here. Now I am being told I NEED this GPU Tweak II just to get my new 3080Ti to work. Why?

I have no experience with these things other than to simply monitor the system. I have never used them to actually tweak GPU card parameters. Normally its plug & play and then PLAY!!!

Why is my GPU having such high usage? While I cant verify this is the culprit its the only component showing such high temps and usage. I have been madly searching this topic about my specific card. I am seeing conversations ranging form PSU issues, to RAM issues, to CPU issues and back to the GPU. The conversations and solutions are all over the place. Frankly I don't have the frikn time to experiment with all these potential solutions beyond what I have already tried.

Please help!

Edit: I'm not even trying to overclock my GPU at all. I just want it to work like its supposed to, like all my other GPU's.
Edit: I just learned there is a GPU Tweak III. Why is GPU Tweak II and not III listed under the downloads for my GPU?

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Hi Flux Reversal,

Sorry to hear about the issues you're with your graphics card. The GPU high usage while gaming is completely normal. By crashing do you mean completely turn off, or the game will just close? Are you getting any artifacting issues?

GPU Tweak is not required but is recommended since it will allow you to adjust your fan curve and overclocks. GPU Tweak III is not listed because it is still in the beta stages.

Please provide me with more details of your issue and record a video if possible at so I can further investigate your issue.

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Although these things can be frustrating, you're not giving anyone enough to go on. It sounds like the system is unstable, that's not something that's easily diagnosed.

Changing GPUs can unearth all manner of things. If the GPU is working harder, so is the CPU. With more data travelling across those buses, it can expose a conditional OC. Are you using XMP? If so, revert the system to complete optimised defaults and retest.

GPU Tweak III wouldn't have been listed at the time of your post as it was still in beta.
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