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2.5 Gb Network Adpt. NOT WORKING!

Level 8
New day, new ASUS problem.
Network adapter not waking up. after power up.
Prior boot network led showing link as normal, after boot just led NO NETWORK.
Reboot, systemboard performing bios changes, rebooting several times!!!!!
The only difference:
- ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. - System - installed.
- PC down but AC power strip ON (for 12 hr.) sourcing power to PC, I always shut down everything but not yesterday.
Ethernet Controller Power Options activated -no changes, same parameters as first day/more than a year now!

Hello, Aiosue.

Could you please help confirm the full model name of you motherboad?
Also, please try go to Intel(R) Ethernet Controller Properties> Advanced >select the Property "Energy Efficient Ethernet",
and select Value to "On (when system id in S0, S0c and Sx" to see if the problem can be fixed.

Thank you.