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Zephyrus S suddenly idling at 70c and load 90c after new SSD

Level 7
I've owned a Zephyrus S (GX531gs) for about a year and decided to upgrade the 500gb SSD to a 1tb SSD. After install my CPU is running considerably hotter and runs too hot to game for more than an hour.

This laptop was particularly challenging to disassemble but I managed it and after full install including drivers everything was working just fine. I noticed I was idling just under 70c however and under load I was over 90c almost immediately. Before this new hard drive was installed both my CPU & GPU would idle stable around 50c and under load never passed 70c. I believe this is a driver issue and have seen two other posts saying their temps jumped about 20c on average after a HDD swap.

Here's what I've done to troubleshoot:

  • I've reinstalled all the latest drivers. The Chipset driver helped a little but I'm still at a 65c idle avg and 85c load avg, far higher than my averages before this HDD was installed.
  • I tested fans with dust cover off, both are working fine
  • I set fan speed manually higher and while this did help, it still runs too hot to game
  • I've made sure that GPU is chosen as render device in Nvidia settings

Can anyone offer a solution?
Thanks in advance!