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Zenith Extreme XMP Memory failes, increase to 2933 questions

Level 7
My original memory when I first built my 1950x system with the Zenith Extreme it was on the QVL list. F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR. This is no longer on the list and that is unfortunate. So recently about a year later I have system crashes due to the XMP profile. MEMTESTS, etc... Runs stable at 2133mhz stock speed with no issues.

1.) I set the memory simply to 2933 with no increase in voltage.
2.) The voltage reads for the DRAM 1.177.
3.) Ran some benchmarks and it seems to be stable along with some games for several hours.


1.) Do I need to raise the voltage or anything else when I increase the ram without XMP enabled?
2.) Should I increase the RAM for more stability?

Appreciate any input you may have?

Thank you!

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Just to understand, which memory kit do have now? G.Skill or another one?
Normally, you have to increase the ram voltage for overclocked speed for stability. DOCP, which in other word's is the memory profile for AMD, should be working just fine with your processor however you might want to manually tweak the multiplier for the cpu & base clock. I have GoodRam 64GB 3000Mhz memory kit running under the profile, with 3.8Ghz on the cores. It's not listed under the QVL however everything's been running just fine from the first day.
So the profile changed the base clock to 102.3, I manually tweaked the cpu multiplier and left everything under AUTO. It booted just fine.
Each profile should change the setting's automatically.

Level 7
I have the G SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR.

System is running much better now when I am at 2933 Mhz over the XMP profile of 3200. This causes massive instability on my system and application and windows crashing. for 3 days now not a single issue. However, I noticed in the BIOS that the RAM voltage is at 1.177. Curious to know if I should increase this a bit for the 2933Mhz. I have not overclocked the 1950x yet.


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You may increase the voltage however, once again, I doubt you will encounter a stable system without overclocking the cpu. I thought that, you can enable the higher frequency for ram without overclocking the processor but it's not possible. I was running just running a system like your's for a while however, I was encountering massive issue's with booting Windows and overall functionality.