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Z790 Extreme CPU OC settings and issue

Level 7

I’m running window 11 with i9 13900KF and ASUS Z790 Extreme with AIO. DRAM as G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 6800Mhz 32GB CL34 x2

I don’t have much knowledge about OC. I just turn on AI OC in bios and I have SP score as 101.  My setting was “auto” all the way and using XMP II setting.

ISSUE I encounter was that my PC will crash after I entered window for a short period when the CPU start going from 5.6G hz to 6.1G hz. I guess it is too high for my PC. Temp. wise I had no issue.. going around 40-75 degree.

Can anyone kindly provide me some advice to maintain a stable system. Or is there anyway I can prevent the cpu going over 6.0G hz? Thank you so much.


Level 7

P.s. I had to turn Intel Adaptive Boost Tech off to avoid PC crashing…. It was more stable with the setting off, but still it crashed sometimes with all the above mentioned settings. Plz help